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Premiere: Get acquainted with U.R.I and his beautiful track, 'Black Flag'

The London singer-songwriter might be your favourite new artist of 2015


Premiere, U.R.I, Black Flag video Photo: Press

To be Frank Turner endorsed is no small matter when it comes to UK singer-songwriters. Some would argue that's there's an abundance of guitar-wielding crooners in the industry right now so it's hard to discern the line between what's worth listening to and what isn't.

See Uri's video for 'Black Flag' on Gigwise first below

Fortuanately, Uri will never be a victim of this modern problem, his songwriting style and memorable fingerpicking will stop any music fan in their tracks before they even have a chance to dismiss. 

Two years after winning the Shure Songwriting Competition, judged by Frank Turner, Uri moved to London to cash in on his awarded scholarship to study at the London Institute of Contemporary music. 

Citing Nick Drake and Jeff Buckley as his influences, Uri's 'Black Flag' was co-produced by Orel Tamuz and Richard Formby (Wild Beasts & Ghostpoet) and is the most stripped back and sensitive track on the artist's EP. The track features gorgeous open tuning guitars and a vocal performance akin to a less confrontational Ben Howard, if that sounds up your street definitely give this single a go.

Have a listen and watch the video to Uri's 'Black Flag' below 

Speaking about the 'Black Flag' video, Uri said: "When I decided on the concept for the video, I had a strong idea of how I wanted a child to be reflecting my younger self back at me and to represent my past memories. The story happens in between a dream and reality, and the child, who freely roams around the forest, is trying to light the way for the adult and to help him find his peace of mind.

"The core of this idea meant to show that things can be difficult just because of the way we see them, and beauty can be found no matter where we are". - A lovely sentiment, we can all agree.

If you like what you hear and want to catch Uri live in person, check out his London dates below:

1 October - The Old Queens Head, Islington.
27 October - The Underbelly, Hoxton.

Learn more about Uri and support him on all of his social media channels below. 'Black Flag' is currently available as a free download on his Soundcloud:


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