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Beyonce releases collaboration with Naughty Boy, 'Runnin' (Losing It All)'

They've also revealed a deep ocean visual companion


Beyonce Naught Boy new track video Running (Losing It All) Photo: Wenn

Beyonce has released her collaborative song with Naughty Boy and Arrow Benjamin, ‘Running’ (Lose It All)’, as well as an accompanying video for the track. Watch the video below.

The track begins by combining understated pianos with delicate melodies from Beyonce, before the beat drops into a rapid, dance momentum and provides you with a ridiculously catchy hook that'll be ingrained in your psyche all day.  

In March of this year, the rapidly rising producer released a song called 'I Don't Mind' via Soundcloud, the track featuring vocals from Zayn Malik only a week after the singer had officially left One Direction.

In July of this year, a number of bizarre reports emerged that Jay Z and Beyonce were intending to purchase the rights to the American Confederate flag, with their lawyer eventually completely squashing the reported claims.

Watch Naughty Boy's 'Runnin' (Losing It All) featuring Beyonce and Arrow Benjamin below

Beyonce, along with The Weeknd headlined Jay Z's Made In America festival, footage being caught of the hip hop mogul singing and dancing along to his wife's performance.

Below: Beyonce and Jay Z's On The Run Tour

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