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Radiohead collaborator shares photos of the band recording new album

Further intel regarding the progress of LP9 surfaces from Robert Zieglar


Radiohead release photos in the studio, recording new album Photo: Wenn

Photos of Radiohead working on their new album have surfaced online via collaborator Robert Zieglar's Twitter. See the photos below.

Before the weekend, Radiohead's drummer Philip Selway said that of the band's ninth studio album: "We want to finish a record and that’s where we’re at. We’re just launching ourselves into it".

Now, we have photograph evidence to corroborate these claims. Collaborator Robert Ziegler has tweeted pictures of the band in the studio including images which show the band working with a full string orchestra. These photos have sinced been removed from Ziegler's Twitter profile.

Ziegler worked with the band on their last full-length, The King of Limbs, in 2011. There are no concrete facts about the album but judging by the increased reports from the band, the recording process is definitely in full-swing if not reaching the final stages.

See the photos of Radiohead in the studio below

Below: Everything we know about Radiohead's new album so far

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