Guitarist Albert Hammond Jr voices doubt over the future of the band after London
Andrew Trendell

16:13 4th June 2015

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The Strokes' massive upcoming show at Hyde Park in London may very well be their last ever, with guitarist Albert Hammond Jr extremely uncertain about the band's future. 

Well, it probably won't, strictly - as the NYC indie heroes have shows booked at the Landmark Music Festival and Austin City Limits at September, but Hammond insists that the band have no plans for further shows or new material. 

When asked by BBC 6 Music if the band were writing new songs, Hammond replied: "No. I don't even know if we're going to play any more shows...I don't know if London might be our last show, you know what I mean? People think I'm lying but I'm just tired of trying to make some positive spin, but I've got no idea. So I take each one like it's my last and I hold and I cherish it." 

Meanwhile, Hammond is soon to release his new solo album, Momentary Masters - which he recently described as 'the best songs I've ever written'

"Not that I'd go back and change it, but I was just running off a lot of emotion," added Hammond, of his new album. "I took the years of just understanding how music works and just ellaborated on that - that's why I kept saying they were my best songs. From every angle they were stronger; lyrically, melodically, rhythmically." 

The Strokes play London's Hyde Park as part of British Summer Time on Thursday 18 June, with Beck, Future Islands and many more. For tickets and more information, visit here.

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Photo: Justine Trickett