The guitarist slams 'asshole' security at Primavera
Andrew Trendell
11:04 28th May 2015

The launch party gigs for Primavera Sound took place last night - but not all went smoothly. One saw Benjamin Booker get into a scuffle with security before rushing to the aid of a crowdsurfing fan. Watch footage of the incident below. 

Booker was playing at one of the opening club shows of the Barcelona festival, when he came to the rescue of one of his fans. 

 "Hey hey hey hey hey - what the fuck are you doing man?" said Booker, addressing a security guard who was removing a fan from the venue for crowdsurfing. He then put down his guitar, jumped into the crowd and wrestled the fan free, lifting him on top of the audience again before returning to the stage. 

"You have my permission to beat security's ass - fuck these assholes," he continued. "Get the fuck out of here, we're trying to have a good asshole."

One eye-witness told Gigwise: "It was menta, Benjamin Booker was shoulder barging a security guy off a five foot stage because they were trying to chuck people off it, then physically fighting with more security and the stage manager, then jumping in the crowd to rescue another guy from overly aggressive security. All whilst still playing guitar - just about. Actual Hero."

Watch the incident below

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Primavera Sound Festival continues today through to Saturday with performances from Alt-J, The Strokes, Interpol, Run The Jewels and many more.