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Ratatat announce new album Magnifique and stream new single

The New York group return, listen to 'Cream on Chrome' now


Ratatat announce new album Magnifique and stream Cream on Chrome Photo: Press

Ratatat have announced their new album Magnifique to be released 27 July and stream lead single 'Cream on Chrome'.

The New York duo's fifth studio album is set to be a return to their guitar-driven sound, which has taken a backseat on 2008's LP3 and 2010's LP4. 'Cream in Chrome' already begins to demonstrate this move, with a minimalist riff accompanying a locked-in bass and drums which builds to an oriental influenced outro.

Listen to 'Cream on Chrome' by Ratatat below:

Magnifique has been recorded over a four-year period in-between Evan Mast and Mike Stroud's intervening projects in a variety of locations including Jamaica, Long Island, Upstate New York and their home-studio in Brooklyn.

The tracklisting to Magnifique is as follows:

1 'Intro'
2 'Cream On Chrome'
3 'Magnifique'
4 'Abrasive'
5 'Countach'
6 'Drift'
7 'Pricks Of Brightness'
8 'Nightclub Amnesia'
9 'Cold Fingers'
10 'Supreme'
11 'Rome'
12 'Primetime'
13 'I Will Return'
14 'Outro'

Magnifique will be released on July 27 on XL Recordings and will play Primavera on 30 May.


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