He also discusses new music and the situation in Baltimore
Rebecca Schiller

15:40 12th May 2015

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Diddy has discussed the situation in Baltimore, in a new interview from the Associated Press, via Billboard, saying that “Baltimore is something that people have to realize is not just something that is just occurring over this one tragedy.”

“The black community are the forgotten ones - just like people are in poverty all over this country, but especially the black community”, he continued. “So you have a lot of built-up frustration especially in the kids that see their future is bleak and they are being forgotten. People need to pay attention to that… Something has to change soon.”

When asked if he would ever consider running for political office, he said: “Not at all. I love what I do. I don't like politics. I'm not a big talker. If I say I'm gonna run a marathon, I'm gonna run it. If I say I'm gonna put out a fragrance, I'm gonna put out a fragrance. If I say I'm gonna change the world for the positive, that's what I'm gonna do.”

In the interview, Diddy also discussed the current state of the music industry, as well as Jay Z’s controversial new streaming service Tidal. “It's a great idea for the artist to be involved in the distribution,” he said. “Everything takes time, so we'll see in the next couple of years. But I would bet on Jay Z.”

Diddy also gave a new music update, revealing that he is back in the studio now, producing other people. “That's how I started, producing”, he shared. “So I'm just in there having fun and really just experimenting with some things. But being able to launch new artists or artists that want a different sound for their next album - it's exciting to get back into producing.”

He has no concrete plans for a new Diddy album, though, saying: “If I come up with something great, I'll make sure I release something.”

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