Inspired by Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode and Grand Theft Auto
Andy Morris

10:58 12th May 2015

The Zutons' Dave McCabe has announced a new album with his new project Dave McCabe & The Ramifications. Watch the video for 'Too Damn Good' below.

A truly gifted songwriter, Dave McCabe recently signed to James Endeacott's 1965 Records and his new album Church Of Miami will be released on 4 September. Talking about the new album McCabe explained: “I wanted to do something that wasn’t a guitar record. There’s loads of music I’ve always been into, things like Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode, Human League, more electronic stuff that was totally different to what we’d been doing in the Zutons. I wanted to do my own version of a Grand Theft Auto soundtrack."

The concept of the album focuses on humanity's constant reliance and interplay with technology. “It’s about a fella who falls in love with a robot, but after a while he realizes that he actually needs some real human contact,” explained McCabe. “Its scary man, you look at the way technology is going then you look at the way humanity is going and it’s like technology is going to start edging ahead of us and be more advanced than we are as humans. You look at how little we interact now on a normal level, we just do everything through our phones, we’re so reliant on gadgets and stuff you wonder where it ends.”

Recorded at Ape Studios on The Wirral, the track listing for the album is as follows:

1. Church Of Miami
2. Fake Emotion
3. Trust Me
4. Let Me Go
5. Too Damn Good
6. Interwine
7. Time & Place
9. Who’s That Talking
10. Servant To His Master

The first single is 'Too Damn Good' / 'Time & Place' and will be released on 29 June accompanied by Scott James video that features some inspired space funk muppets. Watch it below. 

Below: Watch 'TooDamnGood' by Dave McCabe & The Rammifications

Dave McCabe & The Ramifications are set to play a number of shows later this month including Liverpool Sound City and Manchester's Deaf Institute.

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