...and she's married to the Greek finance minister
gigwise intern
10:39 8th May 2015

The subject of Pulp's 1995 hit 'Common People' has been revealed to be Danae Stratou who is married to the Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis.

An article in the Athens Voice claims that Stratou studied at St Martins College of Art and Design between 1983-1988, around the same time lead singer Jarvis Cocker was in attendance studying Film. 

The song follows the story of Cocker attempting to woo a girl from Greece whose "Dad was loaded" and who wanted to "live with common people." It seems she never quite made that dream come true as she is now married to someone in high power.

The frontman said of the song in NME: "I was studying film, and she might've been doing painting but we both did sculpture for two weeks. I don't know her name. It would've been around 1988, so it was already ancient history when I wrote about her."

You can see a photo of Stratou with Varoufakis below:

 Listen to Pulp's 'Common People' below: