He's joking, of course - but he did direct an early video she was in
Rebecca Schiller

17:35 6th May 2015

Jason Alexander has revealed that he discovered Taylor Swift. He’s joking, of course – but he did direct a music video that she was in back in 2007.

According to TMZ, Alexander recently sang some Taylor Swift during a karaoke fundraiser at LA’s El Rey Theatre, so they questioned if he was a Swift fan.

“Not only am I a Swift fan, I put her in her first video,” he said. “It wasn’t her video, it was a Brad Paisley video. Go look at a Brad Paisley video called ‘Online’ that I directed. There are two young ladies on stage with him – one of them is Kellie Pickler, the other one, an underage Taylor Swift.”

When asked if he had something to do with discovering Swift, he jokingly replied: “Yea, it’s all me”.

Watch Jason Alexander discuss "discovering" Taylor Swift: 

Alexander not only directed Paisley’s video, but he also starred in it, alongside William Shatner, Estelle Harris, Patrick Warburton, Shane West and Maureen McCormick – and, of course, Taylor Swift.

Watch Brad Paisley’s video for ‘Online’:

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