Fill that ambient artsy hole in your life with this slinky number from legendary electro-krautrock pioneer Dieter Moebius
Cai Trefor
07:52 8th September 2017

In collaboration with American soundscape artist Jon Leidecker and soundtrack maestro Tim Story, the classically trained Berliners’ forthcoming album ‘Familiar’ is a part-improvised reflection on wilderness and family recorded at producer Brett Allens’s ‘Snowghost’ recording studio.

Created after a few days exploring Glacier Natural Park (with wives endearingly in tow) the trio locked themselves away in the chalet-style space in a secluded lakeside location in rural Montana.

The cover sums up the DIY aesthetic nicely; One day sightseeing in the Rockies the crew had pulled over to gawp at some of the most spectacular vistas on earth, and Moebius spotted a pink plastic construction marker half-buried in the gravel.

‘A tawdry, dusty man-made 'flower' in the midst of paradise.’

The video accompanying final track ‘Vexed’ reflects this jarring juxtaposition of the natural and artificial; a bewildering swirl of amorphous geometry that hints at mountains and lakes before teasingly dissolving into the matrix.

One half of legendary duo Cluster and the godfather of electronic krautrock, Dieter Moebius was one of the most important protagonists of avant-garde electronic music in Germany, spurred by his unusual upbringing in pre-unification Berlin.

Get your ears around the glacial magic of final track ‘Vexed’, lent bittersweet pathos since the much-loved German firebrand passed away in 2015.

Tracklisting to the album Familiar that this track is taken from, out 6 October via Bureau B

1. Wrong (4:20)
2. Zucken (5:54)
3. Familiar (7:41)
4. We Need You In
Our Soups (4:38)
5. Block Blow (5:53)
6. Vexed (15:26)