Two former members of kraut outliers Camera reunite for a new album
Cai Trefor
08:36 10th August 2017

Two founder members of one of modern krautrock’s most brilliantly aggressive outfits Camera, Franz Bargmann and Tim Brockmann will release their debut album as a twosome this October, under the moniker of Brockmann // Bargmann, titled Licht.

A taste of the LP is streaming exclusively here at Gigwise, a live jam taken from the recording sessions, named Baldwin Dreamland, that shows two of modern kraut’s most able men on typically stellar form.

A widescreen, atmospheric instrumental cut, buried pules of electronica loom among great washes of guitar and synth, it’s an intriguing listen with more to reveal on every turn.

The pair’s place in the pantheon of krautrock runs deeper than just their excellent current output, with Bargmann departing outliers Camera in 2013 to join the live band of NEU! founder and brief Kraftwerk member Michael Rother.

Brockmann departed a year later to focus on his own studio work, leading him to long-term Einstürzenden Neubauten producer Boris Wilsdorf, and subsequently the Tiger Lilies’ Martin Jacques, whose studio was used for Licht.

The record will be released on the beacon of light that is the Bureau B label, home to legends like fAUST and Qluster (formerly Kluster), as well as projects by Ulrich Schnauss and Moeibus. On the strength of Baldwin Dreamland, it deserves its place on the roster.