The track is the second new song from their The Best Of… So Far compilation
Steven Kline
12:41 7th August 2017

Igloo rock anyone? Either The Kooks are slowly trying to chip their way out of the world’s biggest gin and tonic or they’ve regained their cool for the video for their new track ‘Broken Vow’. Hammering out the crisp neo-glam beat with chisels on gigantic ice cubes, they slink through this neo-glam spiritual rock epic dressed like East 17 begging you to stay another day.

No vows are broken here either; The Kooks are sticking rigidly to their unspoken promise to deliver regular doses of radio friendly indie pop so easily digestible they barely touch the sides. A gospel pop rewrite of Buffalo Springfield’s ‘For What It’s Worth’, ‘Broken Vow’ is both creatively commercial (in a way that, say, Bastille aren’t) and naggingly familiar at first listen, and thus an arms-in-the-air addition to their canon as they wend their wombling way to Wembley in December. As one of those rare bands capable of thriving outside of the hothouse of industry hype and attention, we might snipe at ‘Broken Vow’ for its simplicity and ultra-vague religious themes but its unending march to the arenas will trample us all underfoot. Best just grab a chisel and carve out ‘hit’.