Scuzzy guitars with elegant songwriting from New York girl/boy duo
Cai Trefor

15:19 5th December 2016

In times of turmoil brought about the Trump's win, great songwriting is a saving grace for the divided States.

Fortunately, QTY seem to have a natural flair for it, and Dirty Hit - who are also home to The 1975 - seem to have recognised this before anyone and signed them for 'Rodeo' - their first ever single, which includes the b-side 'World Breaker'.

On 'World Breaker' the duo have a hazy relaxed delivery that's hugs your ears, the way Dan Lardner's vocals are produced is reminiscent of the tasteful approach Julian Casablancas used for The Strokes in the early days.

Alex Niemetz' voice works hand in glove, and their lyrics are given a lot of space to shine as a simple yet effective drum beat, some tasteful scuzzy guitar licks, and minimal piano flutter around it. A goreous song.

Meanwhile, 'Rodeo' is heavier, and Lardner takes command of the song with Niemtz providing backing vocals. Lardner is a glam rock obsessive and comparisons the band already gained to Lou Reed are hard to ignore. They're far from pastiche, though, and seem to express the feel of the New York underground in their own unique way and they seem like fun amicable people.


Check out singer Dan Lardner's tale of how the band developed in this scan below....


Photo: Press