It’s about how he emerged from his brother’s shadow, apparently
Andy Hill
13:10 4th May 2018

Gobby parka enthusiast Liam Gallagher has revealed he has a documentary coming out, and that it’ll be screened to a bunch of fancy yacht-people at the Cannes Film Festival later this month.

“As It Was is a documentary about my musical comeback,” Liam explains (via Hollywood Reporter). “It covers the writing and recording of my first solo album, right through to playing it live for the very first time in my hometown of Manchester and around the world.”

‘As It Was’ – kind of a play on his first album title, clever eh – is directed by Charlie Lightening, who is rather fond of his muse: “Having known Liam both personally and creatively over the past 10 years, to see him back where he should be, and to see the reaction to him once again has been amazing.”

“For Liam to let me in, to be there to capture it all, up close and personal and to tell the whole story in his own words makes for an amazing film.

Lightening is tickled be able to tell the story of, apparently, “…one of the greatest rock’n’roll comebacks of all times.”

Hmmm. The chippy professional Mancunian himself also revealed in a recent tweet that – rejoice! – a second solo album is in the works.

And the follow-up to last year’s stridently mediocre As You Were is already sounding ‘biblical’, since you ask.

Greg Kurstin and Andrew Wyatt (“aka THE ARMY”) are his songwriting team, because remember Gallagher is actually quite rubbish on his own.

Wyatt is the renowned hitmaker behind tunes by Bruno Mars and, um, Just Jack, as well as being the lead vocalist for Swedish arty types Miike Snow.

Greg Kurstin pretty much wrote and played all the instruments on Adele’s planet-crushing 2015 hit ‘Hello’. So you know, both useful lad to have in the studio.

The former Oasis frontgeezer told NME magazine that fans can expect his second album to be “a bit more in-yer-face – less apologetic”.

“I’d love to do a proper out-and-out punk rock album – a bit Pistols, a bit Stooges. I can do that gear; I can definitely sing ’em. Some of the sing-y songs are a bit of a struggle when I do ’em live. But the lippy ones I can do all day long.”

“The ones where you spit ’em out. You’re not necessarily singing, you’re just f**king screaming and shouting. I’m all for that.”


“I just want to make good music, you know what I mean? I don’t want to reinvent the wheel, you know what I mean? I don’t want to do cosmic pop. I don’t want to make grime music. I want to make good music with a rock ‘n’ roll vibe.” So lots to look forward to, anyway.

Photo: Shutterstock