'Clarity', sadly, is what this album is so sorely missing...
Peter Kandunias

14:49 14th February 2014

EDM really has seemed to go from strength to strength in the charts over the past twelve months. But it isn't really clear why; often there are too many tracks that quite frankly sound exactly the same. Obviously you can tell the difference between songs but all too often, they are built around the same drum thumps at as high a BPM as a MacBook will allow.

Sadly, Zedd's 'Clarity' falls foul of exactly that. It's obscenely generic and there is very little to get excited about here and annoyingly, it will be impossible to escape - whether that be on the radio or at a nightclub. Although on titular track, Foxes' voice sounds gorgeous and Ellie Goulding's vocals on 'Fall Into The Sky' are as bewitching as her voice ever is on EDM tracks, the rest of the record lacks any kind of subtlety.

On occasion, during songs like 'Stache', the Russian-German producer shows off some intricacies and adds some subtlety to the album. But then that is completely removed a minute later to revert to the same old hard-hitting drums and pounding synthesisers that don't make you want to dance even though they attempt to smack you in the face until you become submissive.

Therein lies the main problem of Zedd's 'Clarity'. There never seems to be much thought behind it apart from making it faster and louder. And due to them all sounding incredibly similar, the songs blur into one and thus 'Clarity' really lacks any clarity whatsoever.

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