Depeche Mode producer Flood + Dave Bessell on the unique synth experience
Andrew Trendell

14:12 13th March 2015

The Killers, Depeche Mode, U2, Smashing Pumpkins, Warpaint, PJ Harvey - these are just a few of the names that producer Flood has worked with to help shape their sound, and the history of music as we know it. He's also one quarter of a collective of musical vanguards that make up synth pioneers Node - who recently ended their 17 year hiatus for a new album and live performance at London's Royal College Of Music.

Watch our interview and look behind the scenes of Node in the video above

Consisting of Flood, veteran producer and musician Ed Buller, film composer Mel Wesson and Professor Dave Bessell, they've often been compared to the likes of Kraftwerk and Tangerine Dream - but the truth is they offer an experience like no other. Using the largest collection of vintage analogue synthesiser equipment ever seen outside a recording studio, they feel the music and let it lead them. 

"A song can take many different forms," Flood tells Gigwise. "Obviously what we do is not a song in a traditional sense, but there is musicality, there is structure, and there are basics like melody. You could say it's just the same as a classical piece - we're just a bit more improvised, rather than it being totally written out." 

Check out our interview with Flood and Dave Bessell above, as we explore the beauty of synths, the physicality of music and how their work splits opinion. 

Watch our interview and look behind the scenes of Node in the video above

Node's second album, Node 2, is out now. 

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