Hear the rising LA band's beautiful new single here on Gigwise first
Andrew Trendell

11:46 22nd July 2014

How do you like the sound of "modern synth-pop and Siamese Dream-era Smashing Pumpkins, with an outro ripped straight from Randy Newman's fake book"? Well, that's how The Gromble describe their beautiful new single 'Don't Stand A Chance'. Hear it Gigwise first below. 

Hailing from the sunny shores of California, The Gromble are hear to spread a little bit of West Coast free love and sunshine with their searing new single. With summery tones driven some scorching early Pumpkins riffs and dreamy psychedelia, it makes for perfect summer listening - and one hell of an earworm. 

"I think the main sonic focus of the track is the marriage between old and new," said a band spokesman. "The artificiality of the computer curated drum beat, with the five piece string section played raw and very live, tracked all together on an indoor basketball court. The synth-pad juxtaposing a clean electric guitar, etc.

"As a stand-alone single, throughout its three movements it gives the best representation of who we are as a band. From the quiet stuff with the more grooving beat, to the heavy 90s alt guitar, and the big harmony stuff. Lyrically it's about the ever-elusive nature of success, and the Sisyphean struggle to fit in that everybody faces in one way or another."

Hear the Gigwise premiere of 'Don't Stand A Chance' below

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