Loveless bro's discuss awards, the future, the North and 5 Seconds Of Summer
Andrew Trendell
16:37 3rd March 2014

"It was terrifying until we won something, then it was fun," laughs Drenge frontman Eoin Loveless backstage at the BBC 6 Music Festival - remembering their victory at the NME Awards for Best New band just a few days before. "We didn't get to hang out with Macca though - he was on another Echelon."

They may not be up there with Sir Paul just yet, but the Loveless brothers have come a long way in the last year - drowning out the unnecessary buzz from THAT Tom Watson MP comment with their own very brutal, very Northern noise. They're just one of many acts from the Northern counties to showing London and the world how it's done at the moment, but it was never part of the plan.

"Yorkshire did a pretty big haul at the NME Awards," continues Eoin. "Arctic Monkeys, Eagulls, I'm going to include is in there but we are actually North Derbyshire. Manchester did alright, is Lily Allen from Manchester? I think I've seen Keith Allen up there. Either way, The North is thriving.

"We're very thankful of our award. I think we have the least Facebook likes out of anyone on that shortlist, so it feels like we carried off some kind of a coup."

Watch Drenge performing 'I Wanna Break You In Half' at the 6 Music Festival below

So promising are the band's prospects, that they were just one of 14 British acts awarded a government grant to promote their music overseas - but what are they planning to do with it?

"There's very little we can do with it,"shrugs Eoin, before brother and drummer Rory adds: "I think it's just to take us to South By South West, which I don't really want to go to.

Eoin continues: "Unless you can provide receipts for cocaine and the alcohol, then there isn't much more you can do with it. We've got a pretty strong following abroad. We're very popular in France, Denmark too which is surprising. Does Ireland count as abroad?"

Reluctantly heading to Texas for whiskey and industry hob-nobbing at SXSW aside, 2014 looks set to be yet another manic year for the duo - with the 6 Music Fest marking their third festival of the year already, with no sign of relenting. 

"We kind of dipped our toe in the Australian festival season, which is a nice way to do it," says Eoin. "Time off is a bit of a minimum at the moment, but I'm not complaining. We're very much enjoying it. We're just concentrating on writing at the moment, and with things being so intense it brings things out more quickly rather than just sitting around to write. We've also got to try and finish Game Of Thrones as soon as possible."

Speaking of new material, fans of Drenge may be in for a surprise when they air new material from their second album. After rising to fame with their dark and dirty grunge-punk-blues approach, it looks like the lads from Derby will be getting a little more uplifting on their new songs.

"It's much more positive," admits Eoin. "There's a song with a major chord and there are a lot more choruses. On our first record, I think there's only one official chorus.

"We've just found this new stream of songwriting where we're playing something moody, then we'll burst into this major key-change. I think it's a lot more positive, we'll probably start wearing bright colours."

Would they dare to call it 'pop'? Or even 'accessible'?

"Yep, it's radio-friendly, we're going to hit up America and break that market," says Eoin, with a wry smile. "We were walking past this building and loads of teenage girls were waiting for 5 Seconds Of Summer, who I'd never heard of, and there were all going insane. I just felt like we'd been kept in the dark about them, then this morning, we were watching music video television and their song came on, and it was this really weird video where everyone strips off to their underwear.

It is quite a catchy song, kind of like a slightly heavier McFly and we can understand why they're very popular."

Rory quips: "So now we're going to write an underwear based album."

So there you have it: The future for Drenge is power, pop and pants. That'll do nicely. 

Drenge will be performing at Liverpool Sound City, Live At Leeds Festival and End Of The Road 2014 - with many more dates to be announced.

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Below: Exclusive photos of Peace + Drenge at Shepherds Bush Empire