More Murphy for your money...
Emily Warner
12:31 26th September 2005
four stars


The Paddingtons - 'First Comes First'The Paddingtons new album opens up with ‘Some Old Girl’, a number that has the kind of sound that only pure passion can produce. A catchy rhythm with a thrashy hook that is trashed up punk as we have seen it evolve. The title track ‘First Comes First’ is a moshing, pogo powered, fight around the room. It inspires the kind of movement you’d see from a sack full of rats when you shove a ferret in with them. Live it has to be a must for crowd participation. ’50 to a £’ should be well known from its release as a single and is packed with the poetry that is missing from so many songs nowadays. ‘Loser’ whilst sticking with The Paddingtons overall sound has a Caribbean undercurrent that complements rather than clashes. Punk/Reggae ? Why not. ‘Alright In The Morning’ is even stronger in this vein with a guaranteed shout along chorus line built in.
‘ Panic Attack’ unfortunately has that ‘morning after’, jaded feel to it and this is also reflected in ‘Tommys Disease’ although the latter makes better use of the thrash led sound that this band have. With ‘Stop Breathing’ the first thing that hits you is the obvious rock’n roll base, with its subtle change of rhythm and more synchronised guitar playing it shows that these guys can put surprise into their sound. ‘21’ Smash me, bash me and beat me till I bleed, are the only words to describe what will power out of your speakers. This is ‘in your face, come’n have a go’ music. Fucking brilliant! The album winds up with ‘Sorry’ a number that is anything but that. From its deceptive stumbling beginning it moves into a sweat soaked drum beat and finger bleeding guitars, backing whisky and glass vocals that are what this band’s about. The minimal lyrics snarled out get the message across loud and clear.
The Paddingtons have produced a debut album that is full of what you hear is what you get attitude. They deliver poetry with a fist. This uncomplicated sound is something that will be criticised for the thread of ‘sameness’ that runs through the album and hopefully they will develop some more. But this isn’t some ‘arty’ band. These guys are doing what they love and doing it well.

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