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Daniel Melia

12:07 15th September 2005

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Rolling StonesRolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards has bee voted the biggest hell raiser in rock but Gigwise doesn’t think much of the rest of the top ten.

Richards came in at number one for his legendary drugs intake including cocaine heroin and LSD plus his sex life and general four decades of debauchery in the VH1 poll.

He his rumoured to have needed a blood transfusion before embarking on one Stones tour. He once said: “The things that would kill other people don’t kill me. I come from very tough stock.”

Other notable inclusions in the top ten come in the form of Ozzy Osbourne, Johnny Rotten, Shaun Ryder and Tommy Lee who have also led notorious lives of excess.

However, what the fuck are the likes of plump Welsh warbler Charlotte Church, fat ex-Take That twat Robbie Williams and walking waste of space Pete Doherty doing on the list!

The fact that you can’t take your drink and fall over a lot or you’ve had a run in with a few grams of brown doesn’t make you a hell raiser!

The full top ten is:

Keith Richards
Courtney Love
Ozzy Osbourne
Pete Doherty
Shaun Ryder
Tommy Lee
Johnny Rotten
Robbie Williams
Charlotte Church
Liam and Noel Gallagher

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