Dan Gillespie Sells discusses new, honest, album and reconnecting with fans
Tamsyn Wilce

15:57 4th October 2013

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2013 has been the year of comebacks, and The Feeling are making a late addition to the huge number of bands who have made a welcome return to the pop world this year. Welcome back boys, it's good to see you again.

It's been seven years since we first enjoyed the upbeat melodies of 'Fill My Little World' and the catchy hooks which were packed tightly into their debut release Twelve Stops and Home. Their debut saw the five-piece shoot to success, with the album reaching Number 2 in the charts and it's first three singles quickly made their way into the UK Top 10. Their likeable sound and attractive charm gained them a wide-spread and varied fanbase.

When asked if they were after a similar level of fame with their new release, it was clear that they never want to acheive that level of success ever again.

"No, no, we wouldn't want that again. I mean it's not like it was horrible, but it was a lot of work," says frontman Dan Gillespie Sells. "What that has lead onto is a really sustainable career as artists and that's kind of the important thing to us, maintaining the ability to continue making records and to do it our own way. We only really got to that stage now with this album; we really feel we've gotten to the point now where we're really established."

The Feeling's new album, Boy Cried Wolf, is out now

This time around, their main goal is to deliver a truly honest album, and Dan claims it is their most personal yet.

"It’s quite an honest album I guess and sometimes people are quite shocked by the fact this is what I think. But y’know that’s only because it’s quite personal and I feel much more sincere when I’m writing songs; it’s pretty much how people say it is. If there’s any shock factor it’s probably in the lyrics."

In regards to the new album, Boy Cried Wolf, it seems that the band are heading back towards their roots and the sound that made them so successfull, as single 'Rescue' reveals. Elegant piano melodies chime through amongst Dan's high-toned vocal, creating the cheery pop songs that The Feeling are so well-known for.

Speaking of the new record, Dan added, "This record I think is going to reconnect us with the fans that we had after the first album, because it sounds like our first record again. But I think those Feeling fans that really adopted us early on, it will reconnect with them particularly because it was made in the same way, just the five of us recording in the studio. Because of that I think it feels and sounds a lot more like our first record than our other records."

Watch the video for The Feeling's new single 'Rescue' below:

Having been 'out of the loop' for a few years while they've been away writing, recording and settling into adult life, The Feeling are now making a return into a world where mainstream pop dominates the music industry and musicians have a better chance to succeed if they go on the X Factor. We asked Dan how he felt coming back into a musical realm of popstars and wannabees.

"I think in the past certain artists would feel the reality world is infiltrating on their career a bit but as far as being an artist is concerned, someone like myself, I'm concerned about making enough money to pay the mortgage and carry on and make another record. I don't really concern myself too much with whether or not I'm losing out on sales to someone who's been on the TV."

The Feeling embark on a UK tour at the end of October, to coincide with the album release on October 7th. Keeping things fairly intimate, playing smaller venues in order to reconnect with their fans, Dan said the crowds should expect a party. 

"We're a party band, we spent 10 years playing pubs so we like it when it's stripped bare and this album is quite stripped bare and I think the tour is going to be as well. It's going to quite a back to basics rock and roll tour."

The Feeling's new album, Boy Cried Wolf, is out now. Thank you very much, Dan Gillespie Sells.

The Feeling UK tour dates are as follows. For more information, visit Gigwise Gig Tickets.

 Mon 15 Apr - Cambridge Junction

Tue 16 Apr - Leeds City Varieties Music Hall
Wed 17 Apr - Birmingham O2 Academy 2
Fri 19 Apr - Leicester O2 Academy
Sat 20 Apr - Manchester Academy 2
Sun 21 Apr - Glasgow Oran Mor
Mon 22 Apr - Gateshead Sage 2
Wed 24 Apr - Bristol O2 Academy
Thu 25 Apr - Bournemouth O2 Academy


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