Princess of pop married to coke-head presenter?...
Oliver Warwick

11:30 22nd August 2005

Oops I'm Up The DuffThe pregnant pop princess’s ‘squeaky clean’ image has taken another turn for the worse as T.V presenter Richard Bacon has announced he may still legally married to her.

The former Blue Peter turned This Morning host Bacon staged an impromptu wedding ceremony with Ms. Spears, official priest and all, during an interview on The Big Breakfast three years ago. Talking to the singer fresh after her split from Justin Timberlake, he managed to walk away from the hotel room where it all took place with a signed marriage certificate, no doubt feeling very pleased with himself.

Sadly, said marriage certificate was torn up by a heavy handed security guard to the singer before Richard could have it framed, but he still claims they are legally wed, making her marriage to Kevin Federline a fraud!

A spokesman for the Spears camp claimed, "Sorry to break Richard's heart, but Britney Spears is legally married to her husband Kevin Federline and is expecting their first child together very soon," so things don’t look too good for Bacon’s marital status.

Oh well…you can’t blame the bloke for trying.