LA band fill us in on their first visit to London, touring with The Hives and their wildest gig ever
David Renshaw
14:45 21st September 2012

FIDLAR are the latest recruits to the always reliable Wichita Recordings (The Cribs, Los Campesinos!, The Bronx) and recently came over to the UK for a run of sell-out gigs and big hangovers the next morning. 

We caught up with Zac from the band via e-mail to find out what life is like for FIDLAR right now, their outlook on life and just what it is like to party with one of the finest new bands we have heard all year.

Hi Zac. How did you find your recent stay in the UK?
Duuuuuude! it was soooooooo goooooood! I didn’t think the shows were gonna be that good because it was the first time being in the UK and those turned out to be some of the best shows we ever had! We’re definitely coming back alot! Also, i think we lucked out on the weather cuz it was beautiful! London is f*cking expensive tho. 
You guys seem to be building a reputation as a great live band. What is the craziest thing that has ever happened at one of your shows?
Man, i think that has to be New Years. We played in this backyard right in front of a motor home. Kids were going crazy, gettin f*cked up, dancin, barfin.... and while we were playing, to the side of us, some girl on the roof of the motor home took a sh*t off of it. Definitely the craziest thing that happened. We didnt even know it happened until the day after when someone wrote an article about the show and a bunch of people were talking about it on twitter. 
FIDLAR recently toured with The Hives. How did that go?
Best band in the world. The nicest dudes ever. Such an inspiration to us cuz they are doing it right. It has been the same line up since the beginning and you can tell that they are all amazing friends still. We used to just play song after song but after touring with them, I was learning how to interact with the crowd and not be such a nervous wreck. Nick and Pele really helped me out on that. Gave me advice. BEST F*CKIN TOUR EVER!
Did you take any fashion tips from them? What would the FIDLAR uniform be?
I always loved the uniform thing but i don’t think that is really for us. In Vegas we each got hotel rooms in the place we played and they had these super awesome robes. So we played in them. That was super fuuun.
You just released the 'Don't Try' EP. Is that good advice to any new band starting out? Just don't bother?
No WAY! START A BAND! That’s the whole point about that EP is that anyone can do this man. Pick up a guitar, write a song about something you love (ie. pizza?), buy the cheapest recording gear you can get, and make an album. It is that easy. The whole point about Don’t Try is don’t try to do something, just f*ckin do it. 
FIDLAR's plan is to release your debut album in 2013. What can you tell us about the record?
Its gonna show alot of different sides of us. We like all kinds of music and there is a definite blend of that on this record. We recorded it at our house and we had so much fun do it. too much fun. We wanna make another record already. 

The first song we have heard from the album is Cheap Beer - are Fidlar lightweights or can you handle your drink?
We can handle. Trust us... We can handle...
Please tell us, what is the most cost effective way of getting drunk in 2012?
We used to make these drinks called FIDLARITAS. It was Tampico (1 gallon jug of fruit punch that cost $1) and a bottle of Everclear (which was something like 190 proof). Sometimes we would throw a bottle of Rum in there. We used to bring those to every show we played and had free drinks for everyone. It would turn into a fuckin rager every night.