Exciting Birmingham dreamers introduce us to their weird world
David Renshaw
11:06 12th September 2012

The last six months or so have seen Birmingham band Peace quietly establishing themselves as one of the most exciting new bands in the country. This week they release their brilliant new EP 'Delicious' and look set to make some real noise, grabbing everyone who hears it instantly.

We caught up with Harrison (vocals), Doug (guitarist) and Dom (drums) from the band to learn a bit more about the band.

You recently signed a big record deal with Columbia. Tell us, how did that all come about?
Harrison: Apparently the moment our label were convinced to sign us when we threw a house party in Birmingham and the guy who is now our A&R saw a load of our friends passed out on the floor and me playing a Spice Girls song. 
Doug: Was that the same party where one of our friends grabbed him and gave him a massive kiss on the lips?
Harrison: Yeah, it was. They’d never even met before. 
Presumably the label have big ambitions for you guys. Is that ambition matched on your part? Do you have an idea of how successful Peace could be?
Harrison: We want to be successful, obviously, but we don’t really plan ahead too much. 
Doug: That’s the difference between us and the label, they like to plan things and we’re not so keen.
Harrison: That might be the big fall out of late 2012. 
You guys have just released your new EP ‘Delicious’. Tell us a little bit about it for those who haven’t heard it yet?
Harrison: It’s very different in some ways but the same as what people may have heard already. We’re occupying new areas and spreading ourselves out a bit.
‘California Daze’ is the stand out track on there. Can you see Peace going in a more epic direction in the future?
Doug: I’d like to think so. Everything has always been really melodic with us though. We never want to over complicate things. We don’t have a clue which direction we’re going in at the moment to be honest. 

The cover of ‘Delicious’ is very striking. Did you always intend to use a watermelon or were other fruits considered?
Harrison: Well, on our last single ('Follow Baby’) we used an orange so there is that. For the EP though, I went to a party and bought a melon and when we cut it open it we just knew we had to use it somewhere.
Dom: Basically, we never considered ay other fruits. 
Doug: What about avocado?
Dom: I hate avocado!
A long row then ensues as to whether Dom from Peace actually hates avocado or not. It is decided that he is a ‘Billy bullsh*tter’ who talks ‘a lot of rubbish’ based mainly on his contradictory love of guacamole. 
We understand you recently shot the video for EP track ‘Bloodshake’. Tell us about the concept there, what can we expect to see?
Harrison: We basically went to our director with a list of things we’ve always wanted to do in a music video and got him to make it happen. There’s one scene with a giant cocktail glass with a fish in it.
Harrison we saw a picture of you dressed up as Fred MacPherson from Spector...
Harrison: (Laughs). Yes. I’ve got to retur that white suit to him actually.
Doug: When I saw him done up like that I didn’t recognise him. I thought we’d lost him forever.

Peace will be heading out on tour later this year with shows in September October and new dates in November. Check out the full listings below:

Barfly, London - Sept 27
Underground Festival, Gloucester - 29
Gatherings Festival / The Bullingdon, Oxford - 20
SWN Festival, Cardiff - 21
Rescue Rooms, Nottingham - 22
Soup Kitchen, Manchester - 24
The Hug and Pint, Glasgow - 25
Sneaky Pete's, Edinburgh - 26
Nation of Shopkeepers, Leeds - 27   
Louisiana, Bristol - 29
The Rainbow, Birmingham - 31
Stoke Sugarmill - November 21
Cambridge Portland Arms - 22
Hull Fruit - 23
Leicester Scholar - 24
York Fibbers - 26
Liverpool Kazimer - 27
Dundee Doghouse - 28
Aberdeen Tunnels - 29
Newcastle Head Of Steam - 30
Sheffield Harley - Dec 4
Norwich Arts Centre - 5
Southampton Joiners - 6
Brighton Green Door Store - 7