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Victoria Goldsmith

15:46 14th July 2005

three and a half stars


Dogs - 'Turn Against This Land'Dogs are renowned and respected on the scene already for their frantic, energetic performances, Gigwise wondered if their sound on record would be any match for their sound on stage.

We needn't have worried, as this debut album 'Turn Against This Land' undoubtedly proves. Johnny Cooke, Rikki Mehta, Luciano Vargas, Duncan Timms and Rich Mitchell – collectively known as the intriguingly named 'Dogs', go all out on this punchy,well crafted record to deliver almighty hip-wiggling, danceable delights. The slightly Borrell (of Razorlight) vocals to begin with somewhat perturb us here at 'Wise, but as the CD spins, these similarities melt and we are left with the pure, un-adulterated, unmistakable snarl of vocalist Cooke.

Tagged by the Times as “the debut single of the year” double A-side tracks 'London Bridge' and 'End Of An Era' not only stand out, but they shine. Follow up single 'She's Got A Reason' basks in the stark, raw sound captured by Dogs and you will definitely require a Redbull at the ready. Not just a singles band, Dogs' album tracks boast little filler at all, with 'It's Not Right' exhibiting their full on punk driven assault. 'Red' and 'Donkey' hauntingly point to an underlying inspirational pain, and the closing title track 'Turn Against This Land' employs beautiful piano to leave little doubt in anyone's mind of this band's diversity and brilliance. Dogs? More like the cats who got the cream.