The young lady causing a stir...
Holly Frith
14:22 24th February 2012

Grimes aka Claire Boucher is a Canadian born musician whose experimental style has pushed music boundaries on her EP ‘Genesis’. Not only one to play around with exquisite sounds, Grimes is also a visual performer who conjures up music videos of pure artistry.

As with all experimental musicians it is hard to pin point exactly a genre to describe her sound, so encompassing and fresh, Grimes is a mixture of spacey, aquatic sounds with a shivering warble that can be as elating as it disturbing.

Signed to 4AD records, Grimes was an integral part of the illegal DIY loft culture of Montreal, a self-made star who released her songs through cassette and free online downloads. Her image is also garnering Grimes a lot of attention, a razor sharp fringe and shaved sides, she is as intriguing as the music she makes and has even been invited to appear within the pages of Vogue.

While it seems all the attention Grimes has been gathering is new, the singer and songwriter is about to release her fourth offering ‘Visions’ next month. The thirteen track album will include ‘Genesis’ the song that has earned her much coverage since the beginning of the year. Sweet, seductive and all serene, Grimes is a whole mixture of exciting.