Holly Frith
15:00 17th February 2012

Fast becoming a popular prediction amongst the tastemakers to dominate 2012, you’ve probably heard Howler’s ‘Back Of Your Neck’ floating across the radio waves and doing the rounds on the blogosphere.

Effortlessly cool and naggingly catchy, the first single from the band’s ‘America Give Up’ album manages to simultaneously capture the slacker charm of the Strokes, the playful pop of Weezer and the surfy rock of the Drums. You could argue that Howler aren’t exactly reinventing the wheel, but then you’d be missing the point entirely.

Contrary to their sound, Howler don’t come from sun kissed California or New York’s trendy Lower East Side. Instead they originate from Minneapolis – a chilly, land-locked city in American’s Midwest that’s traditionally bred tough minded indie-rock.

Signing a four album deal with Rough Trade Records in 2011 before embarking on a UK tour with The Vaccines, the band had a hell of year. Barely out of teens, Gatesmith is taking things in his stride, but confessed to locking himself away in his bedroom with only The Jesus And Mary Chain for company when writing the band’s album.

Though poppier than Gatesmith would probably let on, ‘America Give Up’ continues to radiate a positive buzz, with critics cueing up to dish out the kudos. The album’s breezy infectious melodies have won over fans in their legions, and as good as it sounds in the winter, it’s only going to sound better come festival season.