We present an hour-long mix...
jason gregory
09:49 16th September 2011

The dance compilation? It's a thing of beauty, isn't it? There are not many people who haven't consumed one and found its become the soundtrack to their weekend – or even, in some cases, their lives.

So what if that all changed? What if dance compilations from your favourite artists came via  a different medium?

Enter Radio Soulwax.

Launched earlier this year by the internationally renowned Soulwax production due of  David & Stephan Dewaele (also known as 2ManyDJs), Radio Soulwax will continue to provide a total of 24 themed albums, each containing a one hour mix of exclusive and uniquely created audio & visual content. These will be unveiled weekly over 18 weeks finishing on streamed directly into your home or device.

And now, it's Gigwise's turn to bring you one of these special hour-long mixes in the form of 'MEHARI 2'.

Due to copyright & publishing legalities - the content of the mixes broadcast cannot and will never be sold, so this really is your only chance to get involved.

Listen to 'MEHARI 2' now: