Indie disco darlings stepping up in 2010...
David Renshaw

21:35 2nd December 2009

Technically Two Door Cinema Club are not a ‘new’ band as fans of the fantastic single ‘Something Good Can Work’ from earlier this year will testify. However if there is going to be one ban d who bring the good times to 2010 then it’s going to be these three guys from Belfast.

Their forthcoming debut album landed in the Gigwise office a few months ago and wowed everyone within earshot. Fast paced and pop to it’s very core the songcraft in this band is strong however they never take their eyes off the dancefloor for a second. Tracks like the new single ‘I Can Talk’ are going to see people cutting a rug, shaking it out and other outdated phrases for dancing all the way though next year.

Like The Inbetweeners meets The Rapture Two Door have a sense of giddy adolescent abandon mixed with a massive groove and urge to get people moving. Catching up with the band recently they agreed that their music is best experienced live, “Playing live is what we love to do most. We love to tour and take our music wherever we can so you can always expect to see us having lots of fun and injecting a lot of energy into our performances. We hope that if we're having fun, then other people will bounce off those vibes and have a good time too. Most of all, you can expect a good dance.”

As the band are signed to now legandary label Kitsune you can expect to see remixes a plenty clogging up your Hype Machine charts and more than a few Warehouse party appearances too. The band themselves are delighted with hooking up with the French taste makers, “Our music has a certain dance quality to it, obviously not as much as other some Kitsuné acts but we get along really well with all the Kitsuné artists we play with, we've made some good friends, and we think the shows always have a really good vibe.