Expect to hear 'Lyla' on your radio a lot very soon...
Daniel Melia
20:33 31st March 2005

three and a half stars


Tom Vek - 'We Have Sound'Genre defying Mutli-instrumentalists are in vogue at the moment, what with the return of Beck this month and LCD Soundsystem dropping one of the albums of the year barely two months ago. Now Britain has its very own in the form bespectacled London boy Tom Vek. Anyone who has seen Vek live will know this boy has talent, all lo-fi guitars and looping synthesiser beats, so it was with baited breath that Gigwise took the journey through his debut album ‘We Have Sound’.

The album is littered with moments of developing pop genius from the opening crescendo of warped synths and drums on ‘C-C (You Set The Fire In Me)’ to the more dirty, acoustic sound of ‘If I Had Changed My Mind’, all overlaid with Vek’s deadpan vocals. The ten tracks cover a multitude of sounds without ever really losing their way. â€˜The Lower The Sun’ sounds like Beck's ‘Odelay’ while two songs later with â€˜Nothing But Green Lights’ Vek has moved on to evoking the sound of the Talking Heads.

The production on the album is all very low tech, it feels more like a demo than  a much hyped emerging artists first studio release. This fact adds much to the music in places but also restricts it in others. It does make the album feel restrained, like Vek is holding something back. On ‘I Ain‘t Saying My Goodbyes’ Vek sings: "There is still so much to see, there is still so much to do, I cant be more than half way there", which hopefully is a hint of the progress to come in his music for forthcoming releases.

‘We Have Sound’ is a promising album, from an artist who could do great things. Its experimentation smacks of an artist trying to find his way, trying everything on the menu till he works out what’s best for him. The British music industry has been searching for a while for an artist to move things on in a new direction. While Vek has sound, we have hope.

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