But are loving the touring lark...
Michelle Evans

12:46 3rd March 2005
Open Hand - 'You And Me'Formed in 1999, this is the first full-length album from this Hollywood based four-piece. The blurb that accompanied this CD describes it as a “bold, genre-destroying album”, and unusually it lives up to its press. This album is not like anything I’ve heard before. Bits of it are reminiscent of Smashing Pumpkins and Jane’s Addiction but associations with other bands are fleeting.
The artwork is interesting and doesn’t draw you into any genre assumptions and track one is definitely a surprise. ‘Pure Concentrated Evil’ is certainly concentrated at only 1.31min. I like the way they put the heaviest track on the album first then follow it with ‘Her Song’, one of the mellowest, it putting any listener off their guard. ‘Tough Girl’ is one of three duets on the album. With heavy licks and additional vocals this song has loads of depth to it.
‘Tough Guy’ is the most radio friendly track on the album and deserves to get a lot of airplay. Songs like ‘Jaded’, ‘Newspeak’ and ‘Trench Warfare’ have a deliciously epic sound about them. Other standout tracks from the album are ‘Crooked Crown’, ‘The Kaleidoscope’ and ‘Elevator’ which all have a Jane’s/Pumpkins vibe about them. ‘Hard Night’ starts off with a deceptively quiet single guitar. This may lead you to turn up your stereo up because you think it’s playing up. Don’t be fooled into doing this because when the song kicks in with a huge roar from singer Justin, it might make your ears bleed.            
With multi-layered guitars, smooth vocals and captivating music this album is a veritable selection box of tasty treats. There is no coffee cream left when this album is done so whatever your musical poison, sit back and indulge. 

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