proves that a little alcohol, or in fact quite a lot in this case never hurts...
Matt Clutton
12:02 5th November 2007

Emotionally drained by the turmoil of simultaneous relationship break downs, heavily inebriated on the back of copiously substantial measures of vodka and various narcotics no doubt, two friends Daniel Johansson and Joakim Sveningsson stumbled into their labels recording studio with the aim of releasing their inner most pent up thoughts and feelings. 'Bravo!' the pairs debut album is unlike any other, a mixed bag of genres biased towards the delicate, lyrically rich sounds of folk with intermissions of a jauntier pop rock sound, the bitterness and desperate cries from within are released.

'Shotgun Sister' a simple acoustic number slides into action with a melody baring a strikingly close resemblance to Plain White T's number one, the harmonious, sleepy sounding 'Hey There Delilah' which has all the hall marks of a TV ad for a continental hatchback. By the time track 'Four Points' tumbles on to the register it's evident the duo's routine of recording is having an effect. Numerous bouts in the studio preceded by many an eventful drinking session in the various drinking dens of Stockholm has yielded a laid back sound which although organ led and with the usual string, drum makeup has an Eastern European, almost Asian sound to it. Whilst 'Puppet Cabaret' is an homage to the 80's new romantic period with electronic beats a go-go, 'We Are Happy Now ( La La La )' is in essence a lyrical blue print of album opener 'Shotgun Sister'. With it's MIKA-esk overly upbeat, nice as pie composition though it's a sure sign that either there was a missed shipment of alcohol in to Stockholm that week, or someone's scored, and scored well.

The finest compositions are always those that draw on personal experience and from artists that aren't afraid to wear their hearts on their shelves. This album certainly does and just proves that a little alcohol, or in fact quite a lot in this case never hurts.