Emily Warner
13:14 29th October 2007

Up until now, minimalist indie scenesters The Cribs have only offered a few tracks which differ from their recognisable one riff numbers. ‘Don’t You Want To Be Relevant?,’ however, is an upbeat jangly and jagged little stomper that proves that they’re not just a one riff band. Even still, the sound could be pushed further to give a harder cut to its edge but it is certainly more virulent than their previous releases. ‘Our Bovine Public’ is pretty much the same in essence but with a little poppy riff thrown in there which lifts the song and emphasises the simplicity of the shouted vocals but it’s one you could take or leave and the suggestion would be to take ‘Don’t You…’ all the way.

Released 29/10/07 on Wichita.

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