Matt Clutton
11:29 6th August 2007

The turn around in the last 12 months for Andy Walker, a.k.a The Loyal Trooper, has been phenomenal. From a lone fanatical guitar clad hobo, to a well backed indie rockerette breaking on the scene with his debut album, '4 Quid With Flyer', which is bursting at the seams with a refreshing brand of rapid fire indie rock on a par with the likes of whipper snappers Koopa, Rotating Leslie and Cajun Dance Party.

'I'm Not In Love' draws upon the mixed opinions of listening to the same old bands playing the same old tunes. On the back of this EP you would have to say that Walker's music doesn't fit that bracket, possessing a certain individuality from the normal hum drum of the indie rock scene. Its like The Bluetones meets Koopa with promising instrumentals and melodies but with a certain naivety and childish half cockney, half Mancunian ridden vocal that appeals. 'Nothing To Say' is the shining beacon of light for Walker with a creative opening and superb melodic bass line which whips up a storm only to be interrupted by the psychotic 'la la la-ing' of Walker who seems caught in the middle of personality swap with Phil Daniels on Blur's 'Parklife'. Charming!

Released 06/08/07 on This Is Fake DIY