From Flossing to Wych Elm
Jessie Atkinson
13:04 2nd September 2021

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It's easy for them to pass you by, isn't it? The days, yes. But the songs too! There are so many damn songs! Here, we've rounded up a few lesser known ones from the last couple of months.

Every one is clamouring to be added to your playlist—and all deserve to be there. In no particular order:


Wych Elm - 'Scold's Bridle'

The PJ Harvey influence continues to resonate in Wych Elm and their recent single 'Scold's Bridle', which rises and falls in volume, smacking of deranged women—just our preferred flavour.


Mumble Tide - 'Breakfast'

Part of their new EP Everything Ugly (Part 1), 'Breakfast' is a standout track on a project on which all four songs are quite unmissable.


psykhi - 'Rat Poison'

Catchy as they come, 'Rat Poison' is only the second ever release from psykhi. Talk about impressive!


Anna Leone - 'Remember'

Anna Leone, whose debut album has just been moved to October, is beyond profound on the folk track 'Remember' which shows off her extraordinary voice to a tee.


MAZIAC - Permutations

Excellent freak-out music in the vein of every one of your favourite melodic metal bands.


Downtown Kayoto - 'Hello World' 

Get in loser, we're combining The Weeknd vibes with Jungle/DnB. Hull artist Downtown Kayoto's new era begins with this beguiling mash-up.


Flossing - 'ADD TO CART'

Bodega and The Wants artist Heather Elle has been releasing music under her solo moniker Flossing all year. 'ADD TO CART' is just the latest in a fab run of singles from her Queen of the Mall EP.


The Brambles - 'California'

Re-enter the Hacienda with The Brambles, whose track 'California' is an atmospheric electro-stalk through New Order influences.


HighSchool - 'Sirens'

Our '80s broadcast continues with Australia's HighSchool, whose preferred flavour of the decade is The Cure. Combine this with their decidedly Gothic look and you've got a project with legs.

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Photo: Downtown Kayoto