A series to wrap up a preposterous year
17:31 18th December 2020

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If you lived through 2020, you might reasonably ask the question: what the fuck was that? 

It's not been a normal one, that's for sure, and the time it will take to reckon with what's happened will stretch far into the future. Let's start by looking at how we spent the weirdest year in living memory. 

We collared a bunch of our favourite bands and artists and asked them questions about how they experienced the year that all of us will remember forever.

Today, Nova Twins takes the quiz.


How are you, really? 

Amy - Feeling surprisingly good even though the world has gone crazy.

Georgia - I have no idea haha.


Did you watch Tiger King back in March? 

Amy - I watched 5 minutes then fell asleep. 

Georgia - Yes... mad show! Had the Carol Baskin / Savage remix stuck in my head all summer... 


What else did you binge watch? 

Amy - Eternal Love.. a lot of Chinese dramas, Nashville and Star Trek - Discovery. 

Georgia - God what didn’t I binge watch.. Desperate Housewives, This Is Us, End Of The Fucking World, Little Fires Everywhere to name a few haha.


What did you drink and eat too much of? 

Amy- I go through different phases with food, at the moment it’s Roast Dinner, I always over do it on the Yorkshires and end up annihilated on the sofa.

Georgia - At one point a LOT of batches of home-made cupcakes... bagels and eggs... blueberries… 


Describe a joyful moment. 

Amy - Winning a Heavy Music Award in lockdown, it really perked us up after all our gigs getting cancelled! We watched it on the TV at home and toasted with the fam.

Georgia - I was lucky to lockdown with my family so it was nice to spend proper time with them, especially my bro as I don’t get to see him much! They’re all musicians so there was always music happening in the house it was a lot of fun! 


Did you take up a new hobby? 

Amy - Not really, I just had more time to do the same things that I already do, but I took it all at snail's pace and enjoyed the process. Saying that... I did manage to paint one picture.

Georgia - I really got into watching boxing matches! 


What's the best album you heard in quarantine? 

Amy - Really enjoyed Fever 333’s new EP, Bring Me The Horizon and Chloe and Halle's Ungodly Hour album! 

Georgia - Poppy - I Disagree, Bring Me The Horizon - Post Human: Survival Horror, Chloe x Halle - Ungodly Hour 


What did you miss the most?

Amy - Family, live shows, hugs, getting close to people at gigs, parties, friends...it's been a strange year.

Georgia -  Our headline tour/destival season and Amy for the first lockdown! We were reunited in the second one hehe.

Nova Twins featured on Bring Me The Horizon's '1x'1. They released their debut album Who Are The Girls? this year.

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