'It's my anthem to the end of the world'
Joe Beer
11:39 17th November 2020

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London's genre-bending artist Treasure unveils his latest EP Nostalgia: The Prelude. Jeweled with jazzy drums, bass and sensual saxophone, the EP is masterfully composed, with each song cleverly folding into the other, beautifully intertwining the emotional angles and meanings that are reflected throughout the production.

The jazz/neo-soul sound flows throughout the seven track release. Every track glows like a star, composed of similar but different elements, yet flickering different colours and energy in their own right.

The aim of each song is fully fulfilled, alongside the sonic journey your ears are encapsulated by. It’s a musical, other-worldly tunnel of Treasure at his finest and you won't want to leave the bliss.

Introducing the EP is 'Let Me' - a sexy flickering flame of saxophone. Super magnetic and with an intro that sucks you in, it sets the tone for what's yet to come. Then there is 'Tell You' and 'Cosy' - the mouth of the river for the soul-jazz taking forefront, before you dive into the ocean of 'Remember Me'.

'Isolation' is a gentle productive contrast, with an entirely divine synth that flickers throughout. “Acceptance is the most important song on the project: it's my anthem to the end of the world” Treasure tell us. “I can't speak for any other listeners but I know this is the one I'd cry to.” It really is a bearing of the soul, wonderfully, emotionally exposed.

'Trauma' ends the EP on a short, sweet and uplifting note. Enchanting and subtly rhapsodic, it reminds you of why you listened to the EP - before you go back for round two. Unbelievably accomplished, Nostalgia: The Prelude is an experience you cannot pass on.

We had the pleasure of speaking with Treasure and getting further insight into the man behind the masterpiece:

Gigwise: What age were you when you began writing, and how has your work changed since you began?

Treasure: Age 14 in a heavy metal band with my mates. As I grew older I got exposed to new sounds and ways of being, but the common theme is that my work is ever changing. I'm treating my songs art like an abstract diary.

GW: Nostalgia: The Prelude is a raw and honest look into your life. What do you wish for listeners to experience when listening to the EP (in order of tracks)?

T: 'Let Me' is a reintroduction into my world: it's about letting the listener know that my tastes have changed from my previous project Suffocation & Air. 'Tell You' is an announcement of love. At the end of the song, I repeat the lines "I've got something tell you" and "You're beautiful" again and again to let the listener know that I'll find this person (or thing) beautiful no matter how much time goes by.

'Cosy' is a slightly distorted interlude with the intent to make you feel comfortable. 'Remember Me' leads on from 'Cosy': it cements the album's theme of nostalgia with the line "Remember me when your days are blue". By now, I'd feel extremely mellow and relaxed listening to the album, so the production at the end 'Isolation' does well to provide a contrast. 'Acceptance' is the most important song on the project: it's my anthem to the end of the world. That leads us to 'Trauma' - the track is a slightly happy ending made to create a feeling of bliss, but what would a Treasure track be without the slightly sad introspective lyrics?

GW: The seven-track release features an amalgam of sounds and instruments - from the acoustic guitar-driven 'Remember Me' to the minimalist 'Acceptance'. Which is your favourite song on the EP currently?

T: 'Acceptance' without a doubt.

GW: What was the inspiration behind the production/sound of the whole EP?

T: Honestly, I have my inspirations but I take in and process information in an extremely weird way. So I could say I'm inspired by another person but I made sure I produced this with no preconceived idea of what a project should sound like. I look to artists like Björk, Frank Ocean, and Choker for their avant-garde approach to production, but only draw on my inner self for true inspiration.

GW: Nostalgia: The Prelude is the follow up to your previous EP, Suffocation & Air. How does the feel of this EP compare to your other work?

T: It's a different vibe/energy and in terms of songwriting and production, it's levels above.

GW: What were your biggest influences of the EP, sonically and emotionally that affected your creative decisions?

T: Sonically anything goes in my world and emotionally, I create music that I can attribute a memory to. In short, life is my biggest influence and I can't wait to start living again.

Nostalgia: The Prelude is out now. 

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Photo: Faysal Hassan