For the penultimate Gigwise-curated Distiller TV session
Shannon COTTON
16:45 10th September 2019

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For our second to last specially-curated session for Distiller TV, False Heads joined us in Bath to perform a rendition of ‘Slease’ which shook the very foundations The Distillery studio was built upon. 

Menacing riffs and a lurching bassline form the basis of the ramshackle three minutes, and this paired with propelling percussion leaves you  near-breathless when the track is done. It’s a stark contrast to the stunning surroundings as drummer Barney Nash tells us post-performance, “you’re able to come here and relax immediately which is really nice, because of the surroundings and the people there. It’s a beautiful room with loads of lovely gear.”

Watch False Heads’ Distiller TV session below:

Speaking about ‘Slease’ the band say, “it’s the most recent single, so we had to play that one [laughs]. It’s one of the last tracks we wrote before doing the writing for the album so we’ve been sitting on the one for a while, it’s good to get it out.”

The East London-based band also performed another two songs, which will be available to watch very soon, including a fresh debut album track called ‘Rabbit Hole’. Speaking in more detail about that, bassist Jake Elliott says, “I think that was the last one we finished writing for the album sessions. Everyone we’ve shown it to has picked that one as a stand out track on the record.”

And speaking of their debut record, Barney adds, “we did sixteen days over the course of February and March and we did a couple of dates in London and Manchester and then we went back in and put our heads down. I got scarlet fever, which I didn’t even know that was a thing, all my skin was peeling and I had a rash it was grim, had tonsillitis, but fortunately that was on the last day.” 

Vocalist and guitarist Luke Griffiths continued, “we stayed in a weird little Shire-esque pub across the road from the studio where we did The Proclaimers one evening, which was terrible, at an open mic night. I didn’t want to do it at the time, I said it was a terrible idea…and it was.”

Catch False Heads live at the following dates, where they most likely will not be performing a Proclaimers cover:

11 - Liverpool, Fresh Blood Festival
19 - Norwich, Wild Paths Festival

20 Bristol, Fleece
21 Oxford, O2 Academy 2
22 Coventry, Empire
24 Glasgow, The Garage
25 Manchester, Gorilla
26 Norwich, The Waterfront
27 Southampton, Joiners
29 London, The Garage

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Photo: Chloe Dunscombe