Life Was Coming In Through The Blinds is out today
11:00 14th June 2019

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Life Was Coming In Through The Blinds is the second accomplished EP from Another Sky. Out today the release chronicles everything from Leonard Cohen lyrics to the real life struggles faced by the band and those around them. With Catrin Vincent’s dynamic vocal leading carefully crafted instrumentals, it’s another big step in the right direction for the London-based four-piece. Get the lowdown on the EP here, track by track. 

‘The Cracks’

An ode to Leonard Cohen and his ambiguous lyric in ‘Anthem’, “there’s a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in”, this song takes on a new interpretation of what he meant. He only spoke about the meaning once, and said, “it’s about the brokenness of things, it is about the confrontation”. Some critics took this to mean we don’t need redemption or to search for light. ‘The Cracks’ not only describes the importance and inevitability of flaws, but also the importance of recognising them, being humbled by them and confronting them to constantly evolve and better ourselves. 

‘Apple Tree’

This song was inspired by a boy Catrin knew as a kid who spoke to daffodils and got bullied for being feminine. This song is for the men brave enough to be who they are, when who they are comes with severe consequences. 

‘Life Was Coming In Through The Blinds’

This song is about the surprise and resilience of still existing despite something terrible happening to you. It’s about seeing none of your stories or achievements reflected in the books you read, but still feeling a sense of triumph at yourself and the women around you flourishing despite the world you live in being out of your control. 

‘I Don’t Hate You’

Just like in ‘Life Was Coming In Through The Blinds’ when Catrin sings, “I was a house, not a school for how to treat us better”, in ‘I Don’t Hate You’, Catrin questions why emotional labour falls on womens’ shoulders, often to the detriment of our wellbeing. The ‘ascension’ line was inspired by an Audrey Kitching tweet that said “Ascension is not a straight line, it is a spiral. This is why we continue to come back to the same situations and same realizations but each time with a deeper understanding”. This song is about Catrin watching her friends go through struggles she has tried to run away from herself, and understanding that while she will continue to face these problems, she will come back to them each time with new wisdom and understanding. 

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Photo: Patrick Gunning