Soaring, synth-heavy, experimental jazz occupies their latest release
20:05 25th March 2019

2019 is shaping up to be Easy Life’s year. After 2018 saw festival dates aplenty as well as a coveted appearance on Later With Jools Holland, it seems success is written in the stars for the Leicester quintet. 

Now as the band fulfil another UK tour, we get them to take us through their latest release, the Spaceships Mixtape, track by track. 

‘Mercury Retrograde’

We wanted this to sound like a we had sampled an old jazz record so we recorded all the instrumentation and pitched shifted it down and then changed the sample rate so we downgraded a lot of the high frequency information. Blah blah blah, basically we spent forever making it sound wonky and it was written when mercury was in retrograde, a time in which uncertainty prevails and changes can occur. Lyrically, I wanted to capitalise on this instability and create an atmosphere which is initially light hearted but quickly becomes all too serious, similar to meeting your future wife on tinder. 


‘Sunday’ is all about being madly in love with a girl and staying in bed all day having sex and smoking and whispering sweet nothings in each others ear. The beat is jazzy and the bassline slides around mimicking the lazy feel of a sunny Sunday afternoon. This tune will forever remind me of a particular few days late last year, it’s a perfect time capsule of part of my life in which everything was much simpler.  

‘Wet Weekend’

This song is all about having a bad energy which you can’t shake despite your best efforts. Like most English people, I’m effected hugely by the weather and describing myself as a ‘wet weekend’ seemed to make a lot of sense when I was feeling miserable. We wanted the sonics of the record to mirror the rainy melancholy vibe of the lyrics, so it was lots of sine wave synths, modulating guitars and even a bit of vocal delay (which was quite a rare occurrence on this mixtape because we usually go with a bone dry honest vocal production).


‘Basics’ is a hopeful dream of things getting better and distant people coming together. Sometimes when things in my life are going really well, I look desperately for reasons to upset the equilibrium and have some kind of challenge to overcome. That’s fucked up right? I think this song picks up on that, the “we’re good” lyric that repeats is a constant reminder to myself that life is good, people are wholesome and that love can endure the most toxic of arguments. Sonically, it was always really important for this track to sound like the music you might hear from inside a spaceship cockpit. All the sounds are soft and other worldly as we wanted to create a safe environment to speak on such matters and outer space felt like a pretty good place to come clean about how I was feeling at the time. 


Sonically, this track is split into two halves. This intentional split was meant to document the two crucial times at a party. Firstly the party itself in which you’re getting lean and having fun and hating on everyone who you think is less socially aware than yourself and then secondly, the early morning of the next day in which you start jabbering on about how wonderful the girl you slept with last night really was. An air of regret but still hopeful and looking forward to the next time a girl invites you to ‘afters’. 


‘Jealousy’ is an honest and authentic documentation of a feeling that we have all experienced. I did my best to explain to myself what it was I was feeling and in this way hopefully I could get over it. The sound of the track had to be melancholic and we even chose to track acoustic guitars for a rawer, more emotive soundtrack. I love this track to bits and it’s a constant reminder that being jealous is natural but probably not very productive unless you can channel it into better yourself. Perhaps that’s what we are all doing everyday, trying to better ourselves based purely on a jealousy of someone a few rungs higher on the social ladder - I really hope this isn’t true because life is a beautiful thing and shouldn’t be lived in such a twisted position. Either way, this track always had to be at the end of the mixtape given its ironic, anthemic outro, it felt like the perfect way to conclude proceedings, hopeful yet melancholy, an interesting blend for sure.

Photo: Press