A city-spanning indie injection
Shannon COTTON
17:43 3rd October 2018

Just when you thought you’d recovered from sipping warm ciders in the UK summer’s blistering heat in various fields up and down the country, Neighbourhood is here to give festival season one final hurrah.

Located in Manchester and taking place in various venues across the city, the line-up is quite frankly an indie wet dream cemented in every corner of the four chord genre’s hey day with a strong focus on the present. And as we said, it’s in Manchester, which is also cool. If you’re heading there this weekend, be sure to check out the following;


Fred Macpherson’s quick wit and achingly relatable lyricism has only intensified with age, making Spector still an incredibly welcome addition to any festival line-up. From the exuberant ‘Chevy Thunder’ to the slightly more placid ‘Untitled in D’, they’re just a really good band that you should see at every given opportunity.

Sundara Karma

Armed with a collection of new songs in their weaponry, as well as a new keyboardist and a cow bell, it’s going to be one of the first chances to hear some new material before it’s released, as well as a bunch of favourites from their debut. 

The Murder Capital

The Murder Capital’s live appearances are few and far between in the UK. The Irish five piece recently played for our friends at Yala! Records in the capital and this Manchester show is potentially one of the only times you can catch them live this year.

Sad Boys Club

In the peak of summer we premiered Sad Boys Club’s new track inspired by a dream that singer Jacob Wheldon had about a spider that had the face of Paramore’s Hayley Williams. If that wasn’t enough to pique your interest in this band (and if not, why not?) then find yourself becoming immersed in their iridescent indie soundscape. 

Sam Fender

Things are going from strength to strength for Sam Fender. Drawing inspiration from topics like toxic masculinity and what it’s like growing up in the millennial age, these are not stereotypical love songs. They’ve also taken him across the world recently, all while being delivered with an awe-inspiring voice. 

Pretty Vicious

Snarling their way through a somewhat recent comeback, and fresh from a Gigwise video premiere, see the Welsh four piece tease new tracks from their upcoming album and find yourself embroiled in an inevitable mosh pit when Merthyr’s finest tear through Manchester.

Another Sky

Every now and then a vocalist comes along and reconfigures the way you listen to music. Catrin Vincent is one of those singers and Another Sky is where her voice is projected the loudest. The pure and visceral emotion that pours out of every release will be a sight to behold. 


Hot and heavy riffs entwined in the fundamentals of rock 'n' roll that it’s enough to melt our ice cream, Lucia are currently leading the charge of a fresh crop emerging from Scotland at the moment. See what all the fuss is about when they play NBHD. 

The Ninth Wave

Industrial synths and sizzling guitars make up part of The Ninth Wave’s USP. The dual vocal is favourable too and it all culminates in a glorious cacophony of electro-goth pop which is well worth checking out. 

Be sure not to miss any of the above by downloading the official Neighbourhood app, available for iOS and Android devices. 

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Photo: Katie Willoughby