Gerry Hectic

15:05 3rd November 2004

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As part of the UK Tour to launch the release of their difficult second album called 'Aha Shake Heartbreak' on BMG, HMV gave us punters a free "gig" on the same day at 6.00 p.m. Gig is clearly overstating it as there's a sterile atmosphere in a Megaspore with the crowd packed tight between rows of CD stock. One of the band quipped midway through the 7 song set, "Thanks very much for coming to our record store".

Fair play to the Kings of Leon they started on time and the crowd were encouraging.  A girl shouted "We love you Matthew" before the Band powered into the first song. Throughout the opening assault the band are statuesque and the the songs themselves have little variety. The fourth track 'Milk' is arguably their best off the new album and is more of their 'new' sound. It seems to test Caleb Followhill's vocals to the limit live, it's a strange one; can I hear some muted Adam and the Ants drumming?  Caleb introduces the rest of the band at this point. Brothers Jared on bass and Nathan on drums with cousin Matthew on lead guitar.

The new single 'The Bucket' (available in a Megastore very nearby!) is next and goes down well.  It's closer to the material on the first album 'Youth And Young Manhood' which the crowd are probably expecting.  And they finally get what they want. For the last track the Kings ask for the crowd for a request. 'California Waiting' gets the nod.  They seem to be in their comfort zone with this one and power on.

A total of 24 minutes on stage then off to an intimate gig in Islington. Good round of applause from the fans and (HMV hope) off to the cash registers.  The new album of  12 songs is a mere 35 minutes long but length isn't everything.  The Kings Of Leon are clearly passionate about what they do.  Whilst 'The Bucket' comes closest to, say, 'Molly Chambers', I just get the feeling the new album might be their strongest set yet.

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