Converted into a casino for a night...
Emily Warner
14:52 18th July 2006

‘Come Here’ is the debut album from Cass Fox. This singer/songwriter makes an admirable attempt to blend a plethora of styles but unfortunately it doesn’t quite cut the mustard.

Opening track ‘Out Of My Reach’ has some good strands of soul weaved into it which works well to give it a commercial taste and if Fox’s voice was strong enough to match the music its set to this one would be a hit. The same can be said for ‘Million Dollars’, but things pick up with ‘Save Me’- a fuller if sadder sound is achieved through a very simple beat overlayed with vocals providing the melody.

Fox’s style then changes with ‘Daddy Dear’ a modern slant on the traditional Irish song- it’s different but doesn’t quite work musically. Hats off to Ms Fox for trying, but juxtaposing a very traditional type of music with something modern is something that very rarely works. The title track is to put it plainly, average and with another change in sound it all becomes a little too confusing for the ears. The song that marks this change is ‘Strangers’- very Massive Attack, before a flip back to ‘Out Of My Reach’ sound in ‘Live A Little’. And ‘Touch Me’ is surprisingly boring for a number one hit.

The constant shift from one style to another doesn’t sit well and makes the album too disjointed. Despite a few sparks of talent in ‘Come Here’ there are just too many bland spots which dull it all down.