Talia Kraines

11:12 3rd May 2006

Boy Kill BoyAs far as gig locations go, a luxury boat speeding down The Thames on a bright sunny day has to be one of the greatest. In fact, even if the band are rubbish, the venue’s so lovely that they would probably be very lucky and get a good review. It’s a good job then, for the integrity of Gigwise’s journalism, that the band are, in fact, awesome. Darlings of the indie press, it was no surprise to see Boy Kill Boy added to the lineup of Carling 24, as a special competition only gig. Scheduled at the same time as Dirty Pretty Things, the boat’s spared elegantly wasted drones still hung up on The Libertines, and instead got a crowd free of posers, who simply want to have fun and jump around to big tunes.

Since this is being filmed for TV, there’s a bit of faffing about before the gig starts, as well as whispers of “Steve Jones/Miquita Oliver looks even fitter in real life!” rumbling around the audience.  Soundchecking with new song ‘Cheaper’, lead singer Chris Peck successfully entertains with the trying on of over sized sunglasses and lame, but cute jokes.  With his demonic grin and cheeky banter, Peck is a proper pop star in the Ricky Wilson mould. Halting outside the Houses of Parliament, the band finally kick off with catchy former singles 'Back Again' and the haughty 'Civil Sin.' 'Suzie' sounds as flamboyant live as it does on record and coupled with free Carling flying round at midday, gets people banging the roof of the boat with their hands excitedly.  'Ivy Parker' about keyboardist Pete’s aunt who we’re told ‘gave him the gift of keyboarding’, slows the pace down, and its obvious Boy Kill Boy can do anthems just as well as they can do stompers.

There’s no doubt these guys could do an advert for the perfect indie boyband.  Drummer Shaz looks like he’s just gone to town with some GHD straighteners, bassist Kev has mastered the man-fringe and Chris is struggling with eyeliner sticking his eyes together.  One things sure, the myspace boys in the audience are way jealous this afternoon.

Photo: Milly Lewis