Your essential #NewMusicFriday digest
Cai Trefor
15:14 6th October 2017

King Krule - 'Half Man Half Shark'

From weed addled south London street nuisance King Krule has now shifted to into a different costume. It’s something more of disaffected punk-poet who growls and shouts from the shadows of late night bars… He has become his own superhero - one half man, the other half; shark. The song is held down by a skiffle beat and angry slurring vocals that mesmerise and confuse. It seems like he’s been listening to Tom Waits post-piano ballad beauty and into the darker waters of Swordfishtrombones. It’s a jigsaw of a track with many different sections to get lost in. Best for live I reckon.

Ardyn - 'Life Happens'

Ardyn are two out of a set of triplets. Brother and sister Rob and Katy Pearson have been making music together since the age of 8 but "started writing songs seriously" when they were fourteen. ‘Life Happens’ is a track of perfect pop elation inspired by the slick melodrama of Fleetwood Mac and Pheonix. The song is about the notion of each individual we pass living through their own personal struggles and life. Katy Pearson’s voice has an incredible maturity and virtuosity for her young age at 21 and the new single is just one of many lucid pop classics from the band. Produced by James Ford who previously worked on single ‘The Valley’ it is a reflection back to their debut EP Help Me On My Way.

Goldfrapp - 'Everything Is Never Enough' (Chris Liebing Burn Slow Remix)

This Chris Liebing remix of Goldfrapp’s ‘Everything is Never Enough’ is a darker and broodier version of the track with low frequency bass attacks and delayed vocals. It offers up a futuristic atmosphere that’s reminiscent of the Drive soundtrack. It's a chill out remix that has been inspired by the techno manifesto and late night inner-city clubs. The original single is taken from Goldfrapp’s seventh studio album ‘Silver Eye’ which was released earlier this year through Mute. Chris Liebing is a German DJ and producer who has worked with such acts as The White Stripes, Moby and Depeche Mode as well as more esoteric electronic projects.

The Breeders - 'Wait in the Car'

"Good Morning! Good morning, love from The Breeders". This is the how their new track ‘Wait in the Car’ opens. It’s a intellectual driving rock track with heavy drums and lo-frequency distorted guitar. The song focuses on a child’s perspective of wanting to break free from her mother’s demands and grow up into an adult. It’s a two minute belter that’s out on 4AD and is accompanied by this video. The b-side is reportedly recorded by Steve Albini and is a cover of Amon Duull’s 1970 track ‘Archangel’s Thunderbird’. An unusual and ambitious choice that I can’t wait to hear.

Charles Howl - 'The Dinner Party'

Charles Howl has ditched his lo-fi driving rock for a more disturbing absurdist melancholia with his new release where he’s back having a poetic dig at dinner parties. ‘The Dinner Party’ is an eerie alt-indie track set with wonky guitars and a beautiful melodic release of a chorus. This eccentric man will always provide an off-kilter take on guitar music and the role of a songwriter. It’s made me feel slightly mad. The new record My Idol Family is out on 27 October via Oh Many Records.

U.S. Girls 'Mad as Hell'

4AD signed U.S. Girls’ track ‘Mad as Hell’ makes you want to dance around the room mad as hell. It’s space-pop lightness with drama infused vocals create a whacky sense of freedom and fun. Receiving huge critical success, U.S. Girls is Illinois-born, Toronto-based artist Meghan Remy. Are you ready to step into her world? If so, this is her sound at its most joyful yet still underpinned by her trademark feeling of unrest and melancholy. Great track though. It’s going in my next DJ set at 4am alone in my room and crying into Tinder.