An Anton Newcombe collaboration, Forest Swords, Echobelly, and some new, rising acts you need in your cans
Cai Trefor
12:12 29th September 2017

Anton Newcombe's unsupresssed creativity is an inspiration to us all here at Gigwise. Someone so wholly dedicated, who lives and breathes music, and collaborates with some of the best musical minds in the world, is always a joy to tune into.

This week we see the fruits of his work with a duo from the French psych rock scene called The Liminanas. In the words of reviewer Dom Gourlay it's "an astoundingly beautiful track [...] that combines insatiable hooks and driving melody." 

Beyond this marvel we have a staggering piece of work from the gobsmackingly intelligent electronic composer Forest Swords; proceeds from the sale to raise money for earthquake and hurricane relief work in Mexico and Puerto Rico. Furthermore, we reveal something new from London by an 18 year old prodigy from London Col3trane that featured on an SG  Lewis song and now looks set to do the damage himself with his brooding r&b that envelopes you with its immersive bass and sparse beats.Ultimately, there's loads to grab on to and start adding to your collections.

This week's columnists are Nick Roseblade (NR), Dom Gourlay (DG), Mathew Fogg (MF) and James Carroll (JC).

The Liminanas (feat. Anton Newcombe) - 'Istanbul Is Sleepy'

French duo The Liminanas have been causing a stir on the psych rock scene since their excellent self-titled debut landed in 2010. Seven years and three more albums later, they're back with their fifth long player of which 'Istanbul Is Sleepy' is the first single to be taken from it. Following on from 2015's collaboration with Peter Hook, they've teamed up with another musical legend in the shape of The Brian Jonestown Massacre's Anton Newcombe and the results are as astoundingly beautiful as one would expect them to be. Combining insatiable hooks with a driving melody that displays a penchant for turning ugly at any given moment. If the rest of the album follows a similar path, their ascendancy up psych's mountainous hierarchy looks set for take off. (DG)

AMOR - 'Higher Moment'

AMOR is four musicians with a groove, holed up in a room together. The mostly-Glasgow band’s practice may be simple, but their output is avant-disco magnificence. ‘Higher Moment’, released physically on 27th October, is the follow up to their debut ‘Paradise’: now sold out of its 500-only vinyl press. Clocking in at eleven and a half minutes, their latest is a built around a backbone of infectious double-bass and features vocals teeming with euphoric positivity from frontman Richard Youngs. A must-buy, this one won’t hang around on the shelves for long. (MF)

Visionist - 'No Idols'

‘No Idols’, by London producer Visionist, is an unrelenting barrage of caustic breakbeats and delicate pianos. And this juxtaposition is as rich as the city that inspired it. You only have to walk through central London to experience this. Venture off Oxford Street, with it’s never ending parade of shoppers, tourists, buses and taxis, and you’ll find little peaceful patches of green, and this is what ‘No Idols’ feels like. For all its mordant sensibilities ‘No Idols’ is an achingly graceful workout that the demands repeat listens. But this should come as no surprise given Visionist’s rich, and abrasive, back catalogue. New EP ‘Value’ is released through 20 Big Dada October. (NR)

Forest Swords - 'Congregate'

The spinning of guitar distortion and field recordings, light piano and cut up buried vocals start off the pair’s new track ‘Congregate.’ It’s a spooky and moody cut which unsettles the listener to sink further into the arrangement. Out of the broodiness something builds which plays with but never fully bubbles over into coherence or groove. This is more a work of art than a piece of conventional music which is brilliant. The mid part of the song reminisces the sound of machine gun fire or bombs being dropped. The track ends with shouts and what seems like battleground field recordings. (JC)

Col3trane - 'Penelope'

This track from the 18-year-old prodigy is a hip love song from suburban London, late night partying and the thrills and pains of being young. It mixes the singing and rapping talents of Cole Basta, aka Col3trane, showcasing his ability in both areas. The track shows an array of different ideas and influences with endless changing sections that create a whole world for the listener to get lost in. It starts as a gorgeous guitar led ballad before morphing into darker territory of smooth synths and string hits that compliment the agitated beat that Basta's mysterious vocal sound fits perfectly over. (JC)

Echobelly - 'Faces in the Mirror'

A blast from the past here to solve endless radio 1 noise and achingly hip trend or overly shiny pop music. This is a melodic and hopeful laid back ballad of self-discovery and individual difference. Written after lead singer Madan’s father spoke to her disapprovingly of the way she lived her life this is her musical retort. It’s offers a warm and optimistic glow ‘You say my life is my own tragedy. It’s the best I’ve ever had.’ Even though the instrumentation and set up may seem dated - drums, bass, guitars and vocal - it’s a timeless sound and is the UK’s take on hearty and pretty Americana. (JC)

Saint Clair - 'Amnesiac'

Opening with a melodic smooth loop and the drop of sparse but harsh drums and slick production Saint Clair’s ‘Amnesiac’ hits a chorus of warm atmosphics for her pop-soul sound. ‘I can’t get wait to get away and lose my senses out into a different world’ sings Saint Clair who promotes the idyl of living in a dream to escape a painful past. Produced by Terrible Records singing Rahm, the track highlights the vocal talent that has found Saint Clair previously playing in Laura Marling’s band as well as with Ghostpoet. The track is a sultry and smooth song for late night radio around the city for those who can’t sleep. (JC)

Wild Billy Childish & CTMF - 'I've Got a Conflicted Mind'

When Tracy Emin declared Billy Childish ‘stuck’ he turned it round and became ‘a Stuckist’. His lo-fi punk back catalogue is too numerous to name but this is back to business with ‘I’ve got a conflicted mind’ a typically stuckist Childish statement. It’s a fairly well produced sounding track for Childish with a powerful and catchy chorus. "Don’t play punk or disco funk. You’ve got a conflicted mind’ snarls Billy in what he calls a ‘crass rock and roll song." But it’s got energy and going to be on my stereo for the next few weeks. (JC)


Ibeyi - I wanna be like you

As a follow up to their acclaimed self-titled debut Ibeyi are back with their sophomore album. Ash is out today with appearances from Kamasi Washington, Mala Rodriguez, Chilly Gonzales and Meshell Ndegeocello. They have even found fans and collaborations with Beyonce and Alvin Ailey. The track is a playful and sleek number with chanting background vocals and minimal orchestration. A soulful chill-out cut. The French-Cuban pair sing in English, French and Yaruba and play traditional cuban instruments. Lisa-Kaindé explains the track, "Sometimes I want to be like Naomi. I want her eyes, to feel the rhythm as deeply as she does, to dance like her, to be as wild as she is; sometimes I just want to be her for even a few seconds." (JC)