Who could be topping the Pyramid Stage next year?
Andrew Trendell
15:43 29th June 2016

Glastonbury 2016 is over, and while we may be slowly washing the mud, fatigue and hangovers, the memories endure - and we look ahead to what next year might have in store. With this in mind, we've rounded up all of the bookies' favourites for who could be headlining Glastonbury, and weigh up the true odds. 

Eavis has said that they've already booked next year's headliners. Tickets always sell out well before the line-up is even announced, so let's keep a realistic eye on things as they unfold, but remain ultimately optimistic. 

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For: They were rumoured to be headlining this year, and when that didn't come into fruition and off the back of the incredible success of their stellar new album A Moon Shaped Pool, they were still being tipped for a secret set until the very closing hours of Sunday. Neither happened, and they've yet to play a major UK show or festival set this year. Next year could well be their time. 

Against: Their not really ones for overly long stretches of touring these days, so one can't exactly be sure if they'll still be on the road come next summer. 

The Stone Roses

For: Another act once likely to be on the bill for this year, but their only UK shows were a couple of intimate warm-up gigs, some massive Manchester homecoming concerts and an upcoming headlining slot at T In The Park. They've got a new album on the horizon and are long, long overdue a Glastonbury headline slot. We'd say these are probably the most likely among the rumours. 

Against: Not much, but you never can really tell what they're about to do next, can you?

Foo Fighters

For: After cancelling in 2015 due to Dave Grohl's broken leg, it was hoped they'd appear in 2016 to headline or at least make a special, secret appearance. Alas, it was not to be. Fingers crossed they return next year with a new album and to finally claim Glasto as theirs. 

Against: While they denied they're splitting up, they are taking a lengthy break. Could 2017 be too soon for their comeback?

Depeche Mode

For: The synth-pop heroes are currently in the studio working on a new album, with hopes high that they'll return in time for summer and pick up where they left off with the exquisite Delta Machine and the arena-conquering tour it inspired. Just imagine losing your mind to 'Personal Jesus', 'Just Can't Get Enough' and 'Enjoy The Silence' at the Pyramid Stage. *chills*. 

Against: Sure, they're one of the most influential bands of all time and can sell out countless nights at The O2, but do they still have the *casual* pull to fill the fields of Worthy Farm down by the Pyramid Stage. We hope so, and can't wait to silence the ignorant protestors calling out "who?"

Daft Punk

For: Another band who are always a rumour, it was criminal that they didn't tour off the back of the seismic Random Access Memories. They played in 1997 and 2007, could the robots maintain the pattern and play another decade later in 2017? Maybe we could 'Get Lucky'...

Against: They just don't seem to tour any more, and it's uncertain of if they're even working on new material. We wait with baited breath...

Ed Sheeran 

For: He's massive - able to sell out Wembley Stadium a whole bunch of times. He's arguably the biggest young solo artist in the UK behind Adele and would certainly pull a huge crowd of fanatics and casual listeners alike to the Pyramid Stage. The massive-selling X came out in 2014, so we daresay he'll be back with new material by next year - and it seems just the sort of bold move that Eavis would dare make. 

Against: Maybe a bit too bold for Eavis, though? The furore that surrounded Kanye and Adele was pretty massive from the rock faithful, and it might be more suited to V Festival. But hey, who knows? 


For: They're currently on the road with Axl Rose as a stand-in and we're sure people would still love to see that - but there are rumours that Brian Johnson could yet rejoin the band, with measures taken to fix his hearing problems. Metallica pulled it off to prove that hard rock has it's place at Glasto, and AC/DC arguably have more 'casual' fans who'd love to go along for the ride. 

Against: Would there really be a point or would they just be doing it for the sake of it? Surely they'd need a new record out by then or it would all be a bit pointless?

Guns N' Roses

For: The original classic line-up are back together and on the road, with the only UK dates rumoured to be hitting Wembley. Maybe they're saving themselves for Glastonbury? 

Against: Cool as it would be, would it again be just to 'do another Metallica moment'? Are they more suited to Download, Sonisphere or a rock day of their own at British Summer Time?

Pink Floyd

For: Eavis recently told The Guardian that he'd be 'working on getting Pink Floyd back together'. Stranger things have happened. 

Against: They hate each other. Roger Waters is all too happy to be on stage with their legacy alone and David Gilmour also echoed 'it's run its course, we're done'

Fleetwood Mac

For: They've been rumoured for Glasto for years, and stunned at Isle Of Wight last year. Surely their time has come?

Against: Mr Eavis says they're just 'too expensive'. Pity. 

Kendrick Lamar

For: Arguably the most important and popular rapper on the planet right now. He's a king, and Glasto is the place where kings are made. Would Eavis take another brave leap into hip-hop like he did with Kanye? We'd hope so.  

Against: We'd love to see it, but is it too soon? Maybe he needs to top the bill at somewhere like Reading & Leeds or V first? Perhaps try some UK arenas or stadiums?


For: It'll happen eventually, once offered enough money and they stop bickering. 

Against: They want loads of money, and won't stop bickering. Noel Gallagher recently said he'd want £20million for one gig, and they're currently involved in a feud about whether or not he's 'a potato' and if Liam is even relevant

Noel Gallagher

For: This would be the next best thing to Oasis headlining - as Noel would roll out a handful of their most legendary tunes along with cuts with from own stellar solo career. He did a very special job headlining Latitude last year, has even more festival headline dates coming up this summer, and another massive solo record. Surely, Glastonbury is the next step? 

Against: Some might argue that it is too soon. The festival he's been headlining are relatively mid-sized ones like Y Not and Victorious. Is Glasto too huge a leap? 

Red Hot Chili Peppers

For: Their new album The Getaway is going pretty well, and has them headlining Reading & Leeds this summer. 

Against: Zzzzzzzz...

Calvin Harris

For: The world's biggest DJ. He'd pull a huge crowd and people would go NUTS. Just see what he does at T In The Park next month.

Against: Would the backlash be too great? Would he be better suited to The Other Stage or one of the dance arenas and save the Pyramid Stage for someone more traditional? Maybe he should stick to dance and pop festivals?

Bruce Springsteen

For: The Boss just dominated the world with his The River tour, and hasn't headlined since 2009 - when he was incredible. 

Against: Haven't really got an argument against this, except maybe Glasto would lean towards some younger blood? Also, who even knows if he'll still have reason to be on tour? His last album High Hopes came out in 2014, maybe he'll take a break?

Mumford & Sons

For: They're well versed in headlining festivals by now, as they proved when topping the bill at Reading last year

Against: They last headlined Glastonbury in just 2013. We think this might be perhaps too pedestrian a booking. 

Justin Bieber

For: One of biggest pop stars on the planet, currently cleaning up in the world's most massive enormodomes on his Purpose Tour. 

Against: Just imagine the shitstorm, for just a second. 

Taylor Swift



For: We daresay she could easily follow in the footsteps of Beyonce, bringing a highly-choreographed spectacular of R&B bangers, special guest and fireworks to the masses at the Pyramid Stage. 

Against: But does that make it a bit too 'safe'? We'd say so. And, her current ANTI tour is currently doing pretty heavy rounds around the globe - maybe she'll be finished by then? Will she have anything new to give?