Looking for a good pub in G Town? Look no further
Andrew Trendell
23:08 5th April 2016

To celebrate the release of their magnificent new album and as part of our Frightened Rabbit takeover, we've asked drummer Grant Hutchison to guide us through the best pubs and places to grab a pint.

Frontman Scott Hutchison sat down with us for a frank and open conversation about heartache, recovery, LA, The National and the trouble with Miles Kane. And now, for something a little lighter. A guide to where's best to whet your whistle... 

"Having lived in many parts of Glasgow it would be nearly impossible for me to mention just one place as the definitive place to go for a pint," says Grant. "So if you'll humour me for a little longer here are a few places I've enjoyed a beer over the years."

1. "RIP Uisge Beatha. Located in the West End, where most people begin their Glasgow life when moving, this was a haven for students, old men and dogs in equal measure. The lack of windows being the initial draw and the selection of whisky and £2 pints of Fosters keeping you holed up there for hours on even the sunniest of days!"

2. "My next boozy love in the West End was Stravaigin. It's where I first discovered Addlestones and where Frightened Rabbit spent its formative years with folk who would come to play a huge part in shaping the band and the start of our career. It's also still the best Bloody Mary in town. Sundays were saved on multiple occasions thanks to this."

3. "After a few years in the west I decided to venture south to Shawlands, and on my first Addlestones search I discovered The Granary. It has since lost a little of its loveliness and also no longer stocks the mighty apple liquid gold, but you can get an Aspall and watch the footy without any bother so it's still worthy of a mention."

4. My current spot for escaping the sun on a nice day and cowering from the light behind a glass of gin is the Allison Arms on Pollokshaws Road. The gin selection is pretty outstanding, as is the pub dog population on a weekend! The honesty fridges at the back are still kind of a novelty, and this makes the bottle selection one of the best in the city. Also Ranjit's Kitchen is right across the road and is one of the best Indian restaurants in Glasgow, serving up traditional Panjabi food. What more could you really want? So next time you're in Glasgow give me a call and we'll go for a drink in the Ally Arms after a curry in Ranjit's."

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Frightened Rabbit release their epic new album, Painting Of A Panic Attack on 8 April. Their upcoming UK tour dates are as follows, with tickets on sale here

Frightened Rabbit will play:
Tue April 12 2016 - MANCHESTER Academy 2
Wed April 13 2016 - DUNFERMLINE Alhambra
Thu April 14 2016 - LONDON St John At Hackney Church

  • The New Fabian Society: "TNFS are one of our favourite bands in the city. We put out their EP MELT back in April. It's 12 minutes of driving post-punk, heavy psych and cutting rhythmic vocals, all whilst maintaining a delicate touch. The sound of disenfranchised Glasgow."

  • Future Glue: "Psychotic garage rock Future Glue are one of the best live bands in Scotland. We released their EP Dark Waltz back in March with a party at The Old Hairdressers. It's one of the best nights we'e put on, and one of the best records we've put out. They don't play often, but if you want a true representation of what Glasgow's punk bands are, go see them."

  • Baby Strange: "One of the city's most vital bands. Still making the best three minute songs in the country. They were out on the road with their own headline shows and tours with Slaves last year. 2016 is the year of the debut album you've been waiting for."

  • The Lapelles: "The Lapelles are from East Kilbride. Great band with some great songs and a lot of potential. We put out their A/B 'Snakehip' and 'Seventeen' on cassette / digital download at the very end of last year. Expect big things from them in 2016."

  • WHITE: "Disco infused post-punk leaning on Talking Heads, The Associates and all things cool in Scotland's '80s circuit. Glasgow's biggest pop prospect, and rightly so."

  • Home$lice: "Home$lice are brand new but have put on some great debut shows in the past couple of months. They've got a great frontman, and some strong melody laden chorus'."

  • Sweaty Palms: "Unhinged, dark, garage rock in the vein of Country Teasers and Fat White Family. They've played at our club nights a couple of times. They've also recently released their EP Hollywood Wax through another cool Glasgow label."

  • Nek Swan: "Nek Swan's still somewhat under the radar. I grew up in the same area of the city as him and he's been putting out some cool stuff recently. The opportunity to be one of the biggest hip-hop artists in Glasgow is there waiting for him."

  • Domiciles: "Psych Pop from Fife. The tracks they've put online the over past year sound exciting, especially this live session."

  • Halfrican: "White hot garage punk. Halfrican played our launch party in 2014 and have just recruited a new live line-up. Keep tabs and catch one of their shows when you can."

  • Laura St. Jude: "We've seen Laura St. Jude live a lot of times over the past couple of years, under her own moniker and with The Amazing Snakeheads. She's a fantastic songwriter and puts on a haunting and captivating live performance."

  • Psychic Soviets: "Frenzied art-punk channelling the spirits of Mark E. Smith and Ben Wallers. We had them play one of our monthly club nights last year. Blurring the lines of obscurity and brilliance, they're a great live presence."

  • Lylo: "Stylised, reverberated guitar pop. They've just released their debut album, Handsome Living. Check it out."

  • The Bar Dogs: "The singer John is a good friend and has a great voice. If you're into Tom Waits inspired soul and classic songwriting then 'Pearl' is worthy of your listen."

  • The Rockalls: "A group of guys from the Southside of the city making music for all the right reasons. Live shows showcasing the youthful exuberance of garage punk in all its necessity."

  • The Van T's: "Dundee born, Glaswegian twins playing trashy garage pop hosting some psyched out moments with duelling vocals, backed by a solid rhythm section."

  • Catholic Action: "Solid glam infused noise rock with songs worthy of their current praise."

  • Edwin Organ: "Glasgow producer Edwin Organ made his live return to King Tut's this week backed by a new live band. After support slots alongside the likes of Death Grips in previous years, there's a debut single in the pipeline for 2016."

  • Bluebirds: "Bluebirds are about to formally introduce their brand of psyched out theatrics to the Glasgow scene. They'll be playing a show on 1 April and we recommend you get along."

  • Bite: "Self proclaimed No Wave reminiscent of The Pop Group and The Birthday Party. They've just put out their debut EP Parasite and it's great."

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