Here's two playlists, to suit whatever mood you're in as the day approaches
Alexandra Pollard
16:52 12th February 2016

"If music be the food of love, play on," wrote William Shakespeare in 1602. "No, I don't want your number," sang TLC approximately 400 years later. "No, I don't want to give you mine." Both, I'm sure we can all agree, equally valid and relateable sentiments.

There are great things about Valentine's Day. It gives people the final nudge they need to make a grand declaration of love to someone (please only do this if you've sensed at least a hint of reciprocation), or just the opportunity to remind their partner how much they love them.

So for the utterly uncynical amongst you, here's a playlist full of genuinely poignant love songs for Valentine's Day.

And now for the fun part. The next playlist isn't for leaning sadly but elegantly upon a rain-splattered window, pining for a lost or unrequited love. It's for feeling unapologetically, defiantly happy to be single. Or even if you're not single, it's for holding two fingers up what is surely the most nauseating of all the Hallmark holidays.

Enjoy it.